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Top foods to make you happy

Top Foods That Make You Happy

Top Foods That Make You Happy Healthy Foods Can Alter Moods OK! How many times have you heard, my broccoli just kicked in and gave me a boost? Really? Probably never. We live in a fast-moving world and want to be satisfied quickly. This includes an immediate response to eating …

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The Incredible Sinot Aqua Superyacht Concept

The ultimate luxury vehicle for the uber rich and famous is the super-yacht. The boat is designed to be luxurious.  It houses pools, dining areas, sun-decks, master suites and even exercise rooms. While luxury is the aim, unsurprisingly, many super-yachts struggle to keep their environmental footprint under control. With heavy …

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Experimental drug is Working to Improve Post-Stroke Recovery

After a stroke, management and preservation of brain cells is extremely important. Years of testing and trials have produced a treatment believed to promote post-stroke recovery and the preservation of brain cells in stroke victims. This new drug, used to preserve neuronal (brain) structure, is proving effective in treating ischemic …

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6 Depression Breaking Tips

Being in a funk (or depression) is frustrating no matter your age or stage of life. So, what can you do when you are a in a funk? What helps you fight through? Regardless of the reason for your depression or funk,  we have suggestions to help you get out …

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Vegan acai bowl recipe

Vegan Acai Bowl Recipe

Homemade Vegan Acai Bowls Eating a vegan diet means that there are no animal products used in food, such as eggs, dairy, all meats, poultry, and seafood. With a diet that is so specific, it is not always easy to come up with a recipe that not only tastes good …

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kid-friendly vegan recipe

Kid-Friendly Vegan Options

Kid-Friendly Vegan Options A lot of people are turning to a vegan lifestyle for health or personal reasons. There are so many things that you can eat while on this type of diet, but you will find that if you have kids it can be hard to find something that …

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Top 5 Fitness and Nutrition Tips For Older or Aging Adults

With the right food, the right exercise program, and the right habits, a person can delay the process of aging. Everyone grows old. This is inevitable. But some remain in good health until much later in life than others. While there are thousands of things that might have a positive …

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Top 4 Holistic Ways to Change Your Life

You may have heard the term “holistic” before. Taking care of health problems holistically has become more mainstream as time has gone by, and with good reason. Rather than tackling one small issue at a time, it tries to identify a larger scale issue. It looks at the root cause …

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Why You Should be Protecting Your Skin this Summer

As summer fast approaches, the warmer weather is driving nearly everyone outside. It can be a real treat to get back out into the growing spring and stretch your legs after feeling so cramped and chilly for the last few months. But with that comes more exposure to the sun. …

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