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July, 2019

  • 1 July

    Tips for Staying Safe in Summer Heat

    Now that summer is in full swing, there is an unprecedented amount of people making their way outdoors to spend their days soaking up the sun, whether it be hiking, swimming, or experiencing everything that nature has to offer. Even with the material out there educating people on how to …

May, 2019

  • 21 May

    How to Quit a Bad Habit

    We’ve talked a lot on this blog about how to start habits, touching on a little bit of the mindset and some methods to help ingrain those new, good habits that you want to adopt. While creating new habits is incredibly tricky — sometimes incredibly frustrating even — there is …

  • 4 May

    Why You Should Have a Gratitude Journal

    When I started my bullet journal phase of obsessive organization, gratitude pages always seemed silly to me, like a waste of space. I’m not sure why. I would plaster pictures of my baby and endless lists of things to do, but I avoided the gratitude journal page spreads like the …

  • 2 May

    Top 4 Holistic Ways to Change Your Life

    You may have heard the term “holistic” before. Taking care of health problems holistically has become more mainstream as time has gone by, and with good reason. Rather than tackling one small issue at a time, it tries to identify a larger scale issue. It looks at the root cause …

April, 2019

  • 11 April

    Why You Should be Protecting Your Skin this Summer

    As summer fast approaches, the warmer weather is driving nearly everyone outside. It can be a real treat to get back out into the growing spring and stretch your legs after feeling so cramped and chilly for the last few months. But with that comes more exposure to the sun. …

  • 8 April

    How to Start an Exercise Routine and Make it Stick

    If you haven’t budged from your couch in, oh say, 6 months or more, and if even the thought of the summer heat makes you sweat, you probably won’t be able to jump headfirst into one of those fitness app routines. You know the ones, where HIIT is the primary …

  • 6 April

    One-Pan Steak Fajitas Recipe

    I love Mexican-style food. My boyfriend and I repeatedly venture into the Florida rainstorms and stand in line at our favorite food truck to order some of the best tacos around. So I’m definitely excited when I find a recipe that not only satisfies that love of Mexican food but …

January, 2019

  • 10 January

    Vegetarian Potato Leek Soup Recipe

    Vegetarian Potatoe Leek Soup

    This super delicious and super healthy vegetarian potato leek soup recipe serves about 4-6 people. Prep time takes about 20 minutes and cook time is about 45 minutes. Vegetarian Potatoe Leek Soup Below are the ingredients that you’ll need to make this Vegetarian Potato Leek Soup: 1 tsp. olive oil2 …

November, 2016

  • 2 November

    Gluten-Free Pasta Salad

    Put your extra tomatoes to use with this mouthwatering dish. This surprisingly very memorable dish can be altered in many ways and still come out a hit. This pasta salad recipe is perfect for any occasion and can be made to be vegan and still be delicious. Pasta Salad Ingredients: …

October, 2016

  • 28 October

    Black Beans & Quinoa

    The amount of ways you can make quinoa recipes are endless but all, delicious. This quinoa recipe is also a complete protein that is high in fiber, amino acids, lysine, iron, magnesium, vitamin E, and potassium. You can’t go wrong with a quinoa recipe! Quinoa is one of the most …