3 of the Best Ways To Practice Mindfulness at Home



The past two years have been incredibly stressful for everyone. For this reason, everyone should learn some grounding techniques. However, this doesn’t mean you have to go to a yoga studio or spend big bucks on a massage. Instead, read about three of the best ways to practice mindfulness at home.

Try Crystals

Crystals are a great tool for those on a mindfulness journey. You can buy crystals that promote different notions of well-being. For example, some crystals increase relaxation. Others, like amethyst, give you more energy and can assist in breaking addictions. So look into different restorative gems. Hopefully, you’ll find something to help you relax and center yourself.

Go Outside

Another one of the best ways to practice mindfulness at home is to go outside. Nature is full of stimulating resources that you should take advantage of. Take a deep breath and let the fresh air fill your lungs. You may even want to try breathing techniques to help you ground yourself. One popular breathing exercise is called four and four breathing. With this, you breathe in for four seconds and out for four seconds. This timing method will give you structure when you feel lost.

The Power of the Five Senses

When you’re feeling out of sorts, one of the smartest things you can do is check in with your five senses. Find something textured and focus on that to center yourself. You can also taste or smell something that’ll command your attention. Listening to music or looking at something interesting are other ways to get back to yourself. A bonus to this is that you can do it anywhere. Check in with your senses the next time you’re in an anxious situation.

The world is an incredibly overwhelming place. Even something as simple as watching the news can give you anxiety. As a result, it’s vital to practice mindfulness when you feel out of sorts. When you’re in the present moment, you can concentrate better and produce meaningful things to put into the world.

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