Different Ways You Can Get Your Kids More Active

With the advent of online spaces, communities, and games, children often find it much more appealing and far easier to connect with others through the computer. While this has its benefits, your kids still need to get up, get active, and spend some time outside.

Knowing the different ways you can get your kids more active can facilitate this transition from remaining inside to going out and moving around. Children don’t always enjoy sitting around; it’s just that they don’t always know their alternative.

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Alternative Ways of Getting to and From School

Depending on the layout of your community, this may not always be a feasible option, but see how your child feels about walking or biking to school instead of taking the bus. It not only lets them exercise their lower body but gives them a chance to spend time outdoors and familiarize themselves with your town.

This may not be the best option before school. However, encouraging them to walk home after school allows them to go at their own pace while giving them a chance to stop, appreciate their surroundings, or spend time with friends.

Kids More Active

Encourage Extracurriculars

While walking to and from school is a relaxing experience, it’s not always the most physically involved activity. Find out what extracurricular activities your child’s school offers or what you can find around town. These activities can cover a wide variety of fields, and they may be something your child already has an interest in or can be a means for them to discover new hobbies.


One popular activity many join in on is dancing. Its popularity stems from the diverse styles and different cultural backgrounds. Just ensure that you provide your child with the proper equipment beforehand to prevent any injuries.

Join In on Whatever They’re Doing

Encouraging your kid’s involvement in these activities while allowing them to get physically active serves as a chance for them to grow more independent and discover their identity. But, with that said, sometimes showing interest in whatever they’re doing can motivate them to go further and try harder.

Kids are always looking for approval from their parents, so joining them on occasion to share in their interests will positively reinforce their actions.

Don’t Overdo It

It’s good to encourage your kids and get them out of the house regularly, but don’t take that to mean you must force them to pick up an activity. Knowing how to get out of their comfort zones is a great skill for your kids to develop early on in their life, but forcing them to do so won’t have much positive impact. When thinking of the different ways you can get your kids more active, consider their feelings and desires and accept it when they say they really don’t want to try a specific activity.


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