Self-Care Guide for Men’s Mental Health

Men struggle with their mental health as much as anyone. The stigmas surrounding mental health often prevent men from accessing care, which results in more men committing suicide each year. In fact, men in their midlife are the demographic most likely to attempt suicide. One of the reasons a self-care guide for men’s mental health is so important is that so many people don’t know how to support their husbands, brothers, fathers, and friends when they are going through a tough time. Keep reading for simple self-care tips to improve your mental health.

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What Is Self-Care

Self-care looks different for everyone. You need to take care of yourself in a variety of ways, and each way you care for yourself may improve your mood and overall outlook. While doing chores isn’t the highlight of most people’s weeks, having a tidy home, putting on fresh clothes, and feeling clean come with incredible benefits.

Get Physical

Most people know that the hardest thing about working out is getting yourself to the gym. Maybe you simply need to put on your sneakers and find the nearest trail. Physical exercise is good for everyone. You can improve your blood pressure, digestion, and core strength by running or walking in your neighborhood. Also, by enjoying your exercise outdoors, you will get the added benefit of fresh air.


Whether you have a single close friend or a group of guys you hang out with, be open with them. Find someone with whom you can share your feelings when you are going through a tough time. It’s important to communicate instead of bottling your emotions.

Take a Break

When you need a break, schedule a vacation or time off from work to give yourself a day or two to reinvigorate yourself. Find something relaxing to do on your break, such as going to a beach or getting a massage. One of the health benefits of a massage is that it can lift your mood. Schedule time with your local massage therapist if you notice signs of burnout, such as:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Headaches
  • Exhaustion
  • Crying
  • Moodiness

Engage in Good Deeds

Boost your mental health by engaging in positive behaviors. If you notice that you aren’t feeling well mentally, look at what you are doing. Are you isolating, overeating, doing drugs, or overindulging in alcohol? One or more of these behaviors could be contributing to your feelings of discomfort. Often, changing your behavior will change your thoughts and, ultimately, change your feelings.

Share this self-care guide for men’s mental health with your friends and family. Everyone should keep a tool kit of self-care essentials that will help them get out of a bad mood. Explore your options, and find out what practices work best for you.

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