Top Reasons You Should Go Backpacking This Year

If you enjoy camping and want to try a variety of outdoor activities, consider going backpacking. When you backpack, you carry your gear with you as you hike, and your trip lasts more than a day. Since you must carry your gear, you can only pack the essentials.

If you’re interested in trying it out for the first time, hire a guide or go with someone who has backpacked before. Read about the top reasons you should go backpacking this year.

1. Get Close to Nature

Even before social distancing measures, many people struggled to feel connected to nature. Spending time in nature can make you feel more at peace and aligned with the world.

Backpacking allows you to wander into natural areas that you otherwise might not be able to reach. You carry everything that you need with you, so you can continue forward and roam where you feel called to go. The key to the immersive experience is to pack essential items for your backpacking trip so that you’re prepared for different situations.

2. Strengthen Your Mental Flexibility

Another top reason you should go backpacking this year is to strengthen your mental flexibility. Hiking benefits your mental and physical health in many ways, including reducing your stress levels. As you hike through a natural environment, you’re less likely to ruminate over negativity in your life.

Instead, you take in the sights and interact with your environment. Stepping into nature can help you gain a better perspective and new appreciation for what life has to offer.

3. Gain Physical Endurance

While backpacking reduces your stress levels and encourages your brain to release endorphins, it’s also great exercise. You’ll carry your gear for miles and make your way through a natural landscape. It’s not as simple as a walk in the park, and it requires higher levels of stamina than you probably need in your day-to-day life.

Before going on a backpacking journey, make sure you’re physically ready. Wear appropriate shoes and socks and take care of your feet on your trip. Pack lightly, eat energy-boosting foods, and breathe efficiently.

4. Have a Unique Adventure

Finally, your backpacking trip is a unique adventure! You can gain new insights into nature and yourself as you build your strength. Every trip is unique, and backpacking offers one of the best ways to connect your mind and your body. Give yourself a rejuvenating and empowering experience this year, and try backpacking.


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