You’re Putting THAT in your Mouth?!

There are thousands of varieties of good food in the world. Unfortunately, there are also many different substances that harm and irreparably damage the body. Unfortunately, the effect that each of these drugs has on our bodies usually feels so good that it’s hard to put it down after you use it a few times. Here are several substances that I would avoid like the plague.


Alcohol: It doesn’t take long to find out about the negative health effects of alcohol. According to an article on Wikipedia, it’s been linked to cancer, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and strokes. I think the worst problem faced by alcohol consumers is alcoholism—an addiction to alcohol. You are basically giving up your freedom to an expensive pastime that could lead to a tragedy such as a drunk-driving accident. Statistics by Mothers Against Drunk Driving show that roughly 10,000 people die each year due to drunk-driving accidents. One in every five teenagers binge drink. Teen alcohol abuse kills more people than all illegal drugs combined.


Drugs: I group cocaine, inhalants, marijuana, and nicotine all under one single heading. The negative effects of these drugs depend on the type of drug to be used. It would be impractical to name the ill-effects of each of these drugs here, but I will try to give you just a taste. Cocaine and marijuana can cause heart attacks and other heart problems, lung problems, and depression. Untrained needle use can lead to a variety of diseases including hepatitis and HIV. Not only are drugs unhealthy, but they are grossly unattractive (at least, in my opinion). Poking yourself repeatedly, smoking, sniffing, etc. just doesn’t strike me as hot.


Tobacco: The use of tobacco wreaks havoc on both the heart and links. Smoking causes several types of cancers (cancer of the larynx and mouth, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer). Not only does tobacco use have an effect on you, but it can have an effect on all of those around you. The dangers of secondhand smoke can have devastating effects on those that have never lit a cigarette in their life.


Coffee: This is kind of a controversial one but I’m adding it in anyway. The effects of coffee aren’t nearly as potent as the other substances on this list, but they are worthy of mention. Just like all of the others items on this list, coffee is addicting and can lead to several problems. These include insomnia, headaches, and irregular heartbeat. Drinking more than two cups per day can cause complications for women who are pregnant. There are many other unconfirmed side-effects to drinking coffee that may or may not concern you.


Although I only mentioned four substances on this list, remember that there are many other things that can harm you if taken in excess. It is good to eat a variety of foods, each in moderation.

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