The Link between Sports and Exercise

There is a definite link between sports and exercise. A small amount of people would argue that athletes who train harder and exercise on a more regular basis will be able to perform much more effectively during their competition. Granted, there are athletes who are extremely gifted and only have to put in a fraction of the work that other athletes do. In general, the athlete who takes care of their body and exercise on a regular basis will be much more versatile and dangerous when it comes to actual competition.

What is Cross Training?

Cross training is an excellent way for athletes to work out certain muscle groups that they otherwise wouldn’t have trained in their regular sport. It allows them to develop new skills and it even takes away from the boredom that they may be experiencing from doing their regular workouts each and every day. You see, when an athlete performs the same routines on a regular basis, their body gets used to it.

This is why you often see marathon runners swimming and swimmers running marathon- the ability to train different muscles makes them much more versatile when they return to their particular sport. Cross training is also extremely important as it lessens the chance of an injury due to repetitive stress to a particular muscle group. Athletes who cross train are usually better off than athletes who don’t cross train.

Why it Works

Cross training also doesn’t have to be done on one specific sport or training system. Some athletes perform cross training regimens on a variety of different sports and exercises systems. For example, some professional boxers have been known to run, surf, bike, swim, and even spend the day grappling. All of their time isn’t being spent in the ring as this would eventually result in over exertion of a certain muscle group or they would become bored and wouldn’t train as hard.

Benefits of Cross Training

Cross training is an effective form of exercise for athletes because it allows them to reduce boredom by experiencing some different on a day-to-day basis. It also provides athletes with an opportunity to still train even if their practice is cancelled. For example, if the pool is closed then that person can simply go for a run or a bike ride. This allows them to produce an even higher level of cardiovascular endurance.

Cross training allows the entire body to become worked- not just a specific muscle group. This reduces the risk of injury while allowing certain muscles to recover while others get worked. In some cases, cross training would allow you to keep training even though you are injured. For example, if a wrestler has experienced a shoulder injury then he or she would still be able to run and increase their stamina.


When athletes cross train it definitely allows them to excel in their sport. It is recommended that you perform at least a different form of exercising on a daily basis. This allows certain muscles to rest while others are being worked. Make sure that you are developing a routine which tailors to your needs as well as your interests.


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