Foods That Boost Energy

Wake up sleepy eyes; we have shortlisted foods that are going to boost your energies sufficiently to avoid that drowsy bout which plagues almost half the population of the world. On a serious note, we have to tackle sagging energy levels while at work or at home or any other place they we need to be. Modern lifestyles have ensured that we are busier than ever, but evolution has not caught on by providing those extra energy zings naturally within our systems.

We found that making some simple changes in our lifestyle including diet, our bio rhythm stays tuned. Without much ado, here’s what we present:

Certain food habits and food categories contribute to our lethargy. For e.g. food rich in high glycemic index will always make you hit the snooze and caffeine will hit the high and low notes simultaneously sapping all the energy from your body. But that does not mean banishing all foods with carbohydrates.

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Carbohydrates: Energy is essential converted by slow digestion of complex carbohydrates with low glycemic index. Such nutrients are found in high fiber grain products like whole wheat/rye/pumpernickel bread, pasta, sweet potatoes, yam and brown rice.

The food to avoid is the one that has high sugar content such as white bread, white potatoes, white rice etc. These contain carbohydrates that are digested quickly and boost the serotonin in the brain responsible for inducing sleep.

  • Proteins: These foods are the building blocks of the body. Protein rich foods comprise of dairy products, eggs, soy, green and leafy vegetables (which also provide iron), nuts etc. Nuts like almond, walnut and cashews provide magnesium which is required to process sugar to energy.
  • Fiber: Fiber rich food fills you up hence you avoid overeating that is also responsible for a lethargic state of mind. Fiber is found in fruits like oranges, raspberries and apples, in oatmeal, peas etc.
  • Water: Water helps the body to remove all the toxins. Moreover if a person is dehydrated he/she may feel lethargic. By replenishing this important source of energy and carrier of nutrients you will certainly feel invigorated.
  • Avoid Caffeine: Though a caffeine shot gives you the necessary leverage to start the day, it also pulls down the energy levels rapidly. Drink tea and coffee only in required quantities and if possible change to green tea which is more therapeutic.
  • Divide Meals In Small Portion Size: A full stomach induces sleep as all the energies of the body are focused towards digesting the meal! By eating small portions and dividing the meal in 5 parts (excluding breakfast), you are providing the necessary fuel to your body.
  • Eat A Healthy Home Made Breakfast: The benefits of breakfast and home cooked food cannot be stressed enough. By ensuring that you are fuelled for the day, the chances of your energy sapping are the least of your worries.

List Of Few Energy Foods

Almonds, Spinach, Salmon, Green Tea, Oranges, Blueberries, Beans, Whole Grains, Cantaloupe, Mango, Tomatoes, Soy, Oatmeal, Sweet Potatoes and Sprouts. Note that this is not an all inclusive list.

You should include a diet that balances all aspects of carbs, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber and adequate liquid to ensure that your energy is the same (well almost) throughout the day.

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