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5 Common Misconceptions About Glaucoma Debunked

Common Misconceptions About Glaucoma Debunked

Glaucoma affects millions of people worldwide. However, misconceptions about this eye disease can lead to misinformation and poor management of the condition. Continue reading to learn the five common and debunked misconceptions about glaucoma.

Kids Cannot Develop Glaucoma

Many assume that glaucoma is a condition that only affects older adults. However, it can affect people of all ages, including children and infants. Parents have many reasons to get their kids’ eyes checked for glaucoma, including that early detection can save their sight.

You Cannot Treat Glaucoma

It being an untreatable condition is a common, debunked misconception about glaucoma. Although there is no cure, treatments are available to manage the condition effectively and slow the progression of the disease. Doctors can prescribe eye drops and pills and even perform surgical procedures to lower eye pressure and reduce the risk of further vision loss.

Glaucoma Is Solely a Hereditary Condition

Having a family history of glaucoma can increase the likelihood of developing the condition, but it is not solely hereditary. Other factors, such as your age, can cause you to develop it. A comprehensive eye exam is necessary for everyone to detect glaucoma in its early stages, regardless of one’s family history.

It Won’t Impact Both of My Eyes

Many believe that if they have glaucoma in one eye, the other eye will remain unaffected. However, this is not always the case. While it is true that the disease can begin in one eye and progress at a different rate in the other, it’s essential to understand that glaucoma can eventually affect both eyes. Regular eye exams and proper treatment are necessary to protect both eyes and preserve vision.

It Hurts When You Go in for Testing

Some individuals may avoid getting tested for glaucoma due to the fear of discomfort during eye exams. However, the tests for glaucoma are typically straightforward and non-invasive. You can get the necessary tests done early and efficiently manage your condition by putting your fears aside and prioritizing your health.

Being aware of these misconceptions about glaucoma is vital for everyone to promote healthy living. Don’t let these falsehoods deter you from taking care of your eyes and preserving your vision.

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