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Everything You Need To Build a Backyard Gym

Build a Backyard Gym

Creating a backyard gym is a perfect way to stay fit and get some sun without leaving the comfort of your home. With some planning and the right equipment, you can achieve your fitness goals while enjoying the fresh air. This guide will walk you through everything you need to build a backyard gym.

Thorough Space Planning

First, identify the best location for your gym. Choose a flat, open area that has enough space to accommodate various workout stations. However, keep in mind that you don’t want to overwhelm your backyard with your gym.

Designate a solid but manageable area to accommodate the types of exercises you enjoy. For instance, if you prefer HIIT workouts, make sure you have enough room to move freely. For yoga enthusiasts, a peaceful corner with a firm, flat surface will be just fine.

Essential Gym Equipment

A gym needs gym equipment! This is true of any gym—indoor or outdoor. In addition to the most beginner-friendly gym equipment, here are some pieces you’ll almost definitely want to include:

  • Exercise mat
  • Resistance bands
  • Jump rope
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Barbells
  • Benches
  • Pull-up bar
  • Balance equipment

Safe, Weatherproof Flooring

For outdoor gyms, the flooring needs to be weather-, sweat-, and impact-resistant. Options like rubber mats or interlocking foam tiles can provide the necessary cushioning and traction. These materials are durable and easy to clean.

Rubber mats are particularly effective for heavy weightlifting as they can absorb the impact and protect the ground underneath. However, if you prefer a more natural look, opt for artificial turf. It’s soft on the joints and can also withstand the weather.


An often-overlooked aspect of building a backyard gym is creating shaded areas. After all, part of why you’re exercising outside is to get some sun. However, unprotected exposure to UV rays is harmful to your health. Furthermore, the heat can be dangerous once your internal body temperature also starts rising with exercise.

That’s why it’s essential to keep your patio cool in the summer to make workouts bearable and safe. Install a pergola or canopy over your workout space to shield yourself from the sun. Alternatively, use large outdoor umbrellas that you can adjust as necessary.

Make It Green

You can also plant trees or climbing plants around the gym area for natural shade and an aesthetic boost.

Storage Solutions

Keeping your gym equipment organized is important when you have so much open backyard space for things to get lost. Storage solutions also protect your equipment from the elements while keeping your space tidy.

Outdoor storage benches, shelves, and weather-resistant cabinets are excellent options. The storage items should have multiple compartments to keep smaller items like resistance bands, gloves, and skipping ropes neatly stored. Likewise, wall-mounted racks can hold weights and keep them off the floor, freeing up space for movement.

By following these guidelines, you’ll have everything you need to build a backyard gym that puts the “fun” in functional. With the right planning and equipment, you can create a workout haven that encourages a healthy, active lifestyle right at home.

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