Exercise Without Injury

It’s common enough knowledge that personal fitness can help improve the quality of your life. Though in a quest for feeling one’s best it is all too easy to go from being completely sedentary to jumping in with both feet, thereby increasing the odds of fitness-related injury. So before going full-tilt into your new active lifestyle be sure to consider the following.

Consult Your Physician

Yes, you’ve read this before but how many people truly follow such advice? If you have known health issues it is imperative that you speak with your doctor before jumping headlong into a new fitness routine. Some exercises are better than others for people with specific conditions, so while brisk walking might be best for one person the even lower stress impact of swimming could be better for another. Learn what works for you by speaking with both your doctor and a fitness professional in order to avoid injury.

Stretch and Ease In!

It is astonishing how few remember these two steps when beginning a new fitness routine. Runners don’t just automatically start running the Boston Marathon, they work up toward the goal. Approach your own personal in the same way. Whatever your level of fitness and choice of exercise, remember that when muscles are worked they can become strained, fatigued or tight – do your homework and go about your fitness slowly and safely and then build up. Once you’ve chosen a type of exercise read up on the best warmup and cool-down routines and then follow them to the letter!

Stay Hydrated

When people get in the zone it is all too easy to forget the importance of hydration. This is particularly true for those in drier climates. Water is crucial to one’s health and performance ability. Remember that if you find yourself thirsty you’re often already to slow in becoming hydrated. Whether using a water bottle, backpack reservoir, or planning your route around water fountains always have water on hand. And note: Water is not good to you if you don’t actually drink it – having it available is simply not enough.

Learn Before You Burn

Before beginning any kind of exercise routine make sure you know both the potential benefits and hazards of the exercise of your choice. For instance if you have a trick knee you need to be aware of water jogging to do to such a chronic injury. Work with professionals, read up, listen to your body – these three things can help you become fit without harming yourself.

Committing to a life of fitness can most assuredly improve your quality of life, but only if you approach your fitness changes in a smart and healthy manner. Don’t become so overzealous in your desire to be toned that you cause yourself permanent injury. Be smart, do your homework and then get to it!

Written by Erin Nolan. Injured at a gym? Make a claim here: www.accidentclaims.org


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