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Millions—not just teens—suffer from acne, physically and psychologically. Pain, unattractive skin, itching, embarrassment…whatever the issue, most people choose the wrong remedy. Creams and ointments help only temporarily.

Ending acne means thinking differently. Think cause—not symptom. Think: internal.

Stress and hormone imbalance are factors. But the biggest cause is diet.

The real answers are three…

First: Cut processed foods and added sugars—completely. If it’s white, don’t eat it. Goodbye to table sugar, and anything with sugar—cakes, pies, ice cream, popsicles, bread, cookies, even “sugar-free” varieties. Read labels: If it says high fructose corn syrup, you’re done. Likewise, no flour or cornmeal. Bread’s already banished. Along with it, pita, flatbreads, crackers, tortillas, Ramen noodles. No more frozen meat pies or microwave burritos. Then there’s salt. The less salt you eat, the better your health overall, the less you’ll retain water. Still drink milk? Make it skim. And forget cottage cheese or sour cream.

Say So long to meats, fats, anything made from animals. Go all out, if you can. You’ll walk right by your supermarket’s meat section, and you’ll skip most of the canned foods aisles. No butter or margarine, please, and nothing containing either. But what if you’re not so great at the hair shirt thing? Try frozen chicken breasts, and a quality brand of tinned tuna. If that’s all the meat you’re eating, you’ll do just fine.

Second: Eat as many raw plant foods as possible.

You might be asking: What’s left for me to eat? Plenty. It’s clear your next trip to the supermarket will involve more time in produce. Get green onions, if you want, but not to go with the baking potatoes and sour cream you won’t be buying anyway. Bypass head lettuce—there’s nothing there. Try…fresh spinach …red lettuce…kale or chard…green, yellow, and red bell peppers…carrots…asparagus… berries…maybe raw almonds. Get apples, oranges, apricots, a kiwi.

Do you know there’s endless variety of recipes you can make from raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds? In fact there is a whole worldwide community of people who live exclusively on raw foods. This diet leads to glowing, soft, wrinkles and blemish free skin.  There’re pleny of the raw food recipes on the internet. You can make raw soups, lasagna, pizza, cakes, pies, crakers and more. These recipes will not only keep you healthy, slow down aging, but give you beautiful complexion as well.

Be honest about diet changes and you’ll see changes in your skn quality within a couple of weeks.

The third big move for the acne-ridden face: exfoliation. Exfoliation is not just a “beauty thing.” It’s vital for acne sufferers seeking real relief. Acne, for many, is simply the skin’s getting clogged as it fills with oily, toxic waste your body’s trying to get rid of. When skin pores fill, they can’t pass that waste out. As you eat better, your body gets better about ridding itself of waste through your skin. You must fling the doors and windows open to let it all out. Exfoliating means gently removing outermost layers of dead, dying skin to reveal fresh, living skin underneath. Astringents aren’t the answer. Gentle abrasion is. Start with an inexpensive ‘drugstore’ brand exfoliant. One good daily scrub will make your skin feel fresh and help expel harmful toxins.

As you skin adjusts to daily gental exfoliation, you can graduate to a more vigorous exfoliation, called ‘dry brushing.’ This type of exfoliaiton will bring glow and polished look to your face.

Three simple practices. Done regularly, they’ll work wonders for your face—and your self-esteem. And work permanently.

For more information about the raw food diet and natural beauty tips visit BeautifulOnRaw.com.

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