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The Consequences of Drinking Too Many Energy Drinks

Drinking Too Many Energy Drinks

Many people feel that they cannot fully function until they get their daily caffeine dosage. While a morning cup of joe is a popular go-to, not everyone enjoys coffee, so they opt for energy drinks. But the consequences of drinking too many energy drinks should have them second-guessing.

Caffeine Overdose

People can process caffeine in moderate doses, but consuming too much can be dangerous. Some individuals may be sensitive to caffeine and its repercussions because of preexisting conditions and prescribed medications.

According to the FDA, healthy individuals may consume up to 400 mg of caffeine daily without experiencing adverse reactions. Any dosage of more than 400 mg, however, is potentially dangerous; in fact, the FDA even investigated five deaths linked to the consumption of a well-known energy drink brand.

Causes Anxiety and Depression

Energy drinks are frequently said to boost energy, endurance, attitude, and productivity. While this may be accurate temporarily, habitual use may have adverse effects. According to Nutrition Journal, among individuals who regularly consume energy drinks, there is a link between habitual consumption and increased anxiety and depression.

Causes Tooth Decay

Drinking sugary and acidic energy drinks can cause agonizing tooth pain. These beverages wear down the enamel protecting your teeth, leaving them vulnerable to rotting. So if you want to avoid potentially serious dental complications, steering clear of these quick pick-me-ups is strongly recommended.

Potential Sleeping Disorders

Energy drinks keep you awake during the day, but they can also interfere with your sleep, leading to potential sleeping disorders. Insomnia can become a concern because the excess caffeine prevents adenosine—the chemical that makes you tired—from alerting your brain that it’s time to go to bed. A poor night’s sleep will then lead to the desire to consume another energy drink, thereby creating a cycle of dependency.

Sleep apnea is another disorder that can worsen from the excessive amount of caffeine found in energy drinks. If you have sleep apnea, in addition to taking advantage of the benefits of a CPAP machine, limiting energy drink consumption can also help mitigate your symptoms. Heavily caffeinated sodas, including energy drinks, may intensify the symptoms of sleep apnea.

A String of Health Complications

In addition to cavities, depression and anxiety, and insomnia, habitual energy drink consumption can also cause a string of other health complications down the road. For example, it can cause kidney damage by overloading the kidneys’ ability to filter, cause headaches from caffeine withdrawal, and raise blood pressure.

After learning the consequences of drinking too many energy drinks, you now know why they’re not the safest options for pick-me-ups when it comes to long-term health.


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