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May, 2012

  • 9 May

    5 Signs You Should Make an Appointment with your Ophthalmologist

      Many Americans who don’t wear glasses or contact lenses don’t visit the eye doctor regularly or at all. Gradual vision loss is natural as we age and it’s very difficult to detect because we grow accustomed to our diminishing vision as it happens. A few sure signs you should …

  • 9 May

    Simple Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

    Each year, millions of drivers get into car accidents, from the minor fender bender to hazardous wrecks. New Hampshire personal injury lawyers spend a great deal of time on cases involving motor vehicles. Just as New Hampshire medical malpractice lawyers must get involved when things go wrong in medical settings, …

  • 4 May

    5 Foods to Avoid for Better Teeth

    Most of us know that maintaining a balanced diet and eating the right foods is good for our general well-being. Eating certain foods and avoiding others can also promote good oral hygiene and better, healthier teeth. The list below forms a guide of what foods to avoid for better teeth; …

  • 2 May

    7 Cures For The Common Situp

    Sit-ups, or crunches, are a tried and true exercise for helping to shape and strengthen your mid-section. However, endless sets of sit-ups can be exceedingly boring and really only focus on some of the muscles in the torso. To liven up your exercise routine and get a better-rounded core workout, …

  • 2 May

    Obamacare and UK Healthcare – A View from Britain

    Being from the UK and following the American media’s stories on ‘Obamacare’ – also known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – is often a very useful reminder of how different the two countries are, despite speaking the same language. The UK System The UK’s single-payer health care …

  • 2 May

    Why School Dinners Need to Be Healthier

    The Importance Of General Nutrition It has been a long standing joke, myth, legend or whatever you would refer to it as, that school dinners do not taste very good. Whether it be lumpy mashed potato or some horrific dessert, most of us have experienced a somewhat unsavoury tasting school …

  • 2 May

    The Ketosis Myth: Is it Really Bad for You?

    You have probably heard people say that high protein, low carb diets like the Atkins diet are bad for you because you need carbohydrates to survive, but have you ever wondered if that person really had any idea what they were talking about?  Ketosis, which is the state that your …

  • 2 May

    Why Quitting Smoking Is So Hard?

    When people ask the question “why is quitting smoking so hard?” they usually say to themselves “because nicotine is so addictive”. While this statement is very true, it is not very descriptive. When you go through nicotine withdraw your body is put to an extraordinary test. Ridding your body of …

April, 2012

  • 24 April

    New Tinnitus Treatment May Give Hope to 5 Million UK Sufferers

    A new clinical trial that tests the effectiveness of a tinnitus treatment will soon be underway. If successful, the new tinnitus treatment could help alleviate millions of adults living in the United Kingdom from the debilitating hearing disorder tinnitus. Tinnitus is a secondary symptom characterised by the perception of a …

  • 24 April

    How to get Healthy and Beautiful Teeth to be Proud of

    Have you been noticing your teeth aren’t as bright or healthy as you would like? A lot of people walk around not being confident with their smile, which can actually have an impact on the quality of life. Teeth are important for eating, talking, laughing, smiling and so many other …