Creating a Serene Shower: How To Make Your Life Better

A shower should be something that calms and rejuvenates you. It’s a break from life that can prepare you for the day ahead or relax you at the end of a stressful day. However, when showers become additional stressors, self-care can easily slip down the drain. Discover how to make your shower more serene.

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Redesign Your Shower

One of the reasons your shower time may be stressing you out more than relaxing you is the environment. When a shower space is outdated or when it just doesn’t have a spa-like environment, it can feel clinical and stressful. Consider making these little changes for a more serene shower experience:

  • Paint your bathroom walls a calm, cool color to create relaxing environment.
  • Install a dimming light in your shower to create relaxing mood lighting.
  • Change out your old showerhead with a rainforest showerhead for a gentle stream of water.

If you’re up for more of a challenge, consider installing a pebble tile shower floor to add natural, serene elements to your shower. Pebble tile also feels natural and comfortable on your feet, eliminating any need for a shower mat.

Add Eucalyptus for a Serene Shower

One popular method of providing some extra stress relief to your daily shower is by adding a sprig of fresh eucalyptus to your showerhead. You can easily purchase this online, in a holistic store, or in a plant store and adhere it to your showerhead with string or twine. As the hot water cascades onto you, the eucalyptus’s aroma will be activated. Eucalyptus has a scent known to relax and calm people, adding to a serene oasis environment in your bathroom.

Change Up Your Shower Routine

If remodeling your shower or investing in shower plants isn’t the right choice for you, sometimes just changing your shower routine is enough to refresh your experience and make it serene again. Here are a few quick fixes:

  • Change up your shampoo and conditioner brand to give your hair a jump-start.
  • Invest in a new loofah or shower sponge for a luxurious washing experience.
  • Get a new body wash in a stress-reducing scent.
  • Add a hair mask or gentle exfoliating facial scrub to your shower routine.

There are so many reasons to explore how to make your shower more serene. Self-care is vital, and focusing on revitalizing your hygiene routine is a small change with a big impact.

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