Health Benefits of Having a Water Softener

Hard water isn’t necessarily a dire hazard to your safety or health, but it can be harsh on your body and home appliances. If you’ve experienced a surplus buildup of lime in your shower or sinks, odds are, it’s from hard water in your home.

Hard water is filled with an abundance of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Higher amounts of these in water leads to greater mineral buildup in your appliances. Water softeners promote appliance longevity and health by removing these minerals from the water. However, softeners’ functionality heavily relies on how old and well-maintained they are. Know when to replace your water softener to maximize health and home benefits.

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Benefits of Having a Water Softener: More Radiant Skin

One of the most noticeable health benefits of having a water softener is having softer, healthier skin. Excessive amounts of mineral in your water can leave your skin feeling irritated and harsh after a shower. This is a result of too much calcium and magnesium stripping your skin of its natural oils, resulting in dryness. Of course, the soaps and moisturizers you use can enhance your skin’s texture, but they’ll ultimately be overshadowed if you’re bathing in hard water.

Healthier Hair

You’ll also find that a water softener results in stronger and shinier hair. The lack of minerals in soft water increases your soap’s solubility, meaning a more efficient shampoo lather in the shower. A cleaner scalp leads to a more balanced pH level for your hair.

Your showerhead is also susceptible to buildup that arises from hard water, which lowers your water pressure. Water softeners minimize buildup, giving you ideal water pressure every time.

Cleaner Dishes

Water softeners’ ability to blend with soaps and detergents benefits your dishes, too! Cloudy glasses become things of the past when you make the switch to a softener. You won’t need to rewash a load of already-clean dishes anymore, as the reduction in minerals prevents the foggy buildup on your dishware.

Additional Benefits

If these health benefits of having a water softener weren’t enough to encourage you to purchase one, consider these additional perks of placing this device in your home.

Cleaner, Brighter Clothes

With a water softener, your clothes are cleaned more efficiently because of a more successful fusion between water and detergent during loads. Minerals cause clothing colors to fade over time, too, meaning that adding a water softener to your home will promote your clothes’ brightness.

Saved Time and Money

Buildup in plumbing can cause serious damage over time, forcing you to cut a check for appliance maintenance and replacement. With a water softener, you’ll no longer need to spend time on cleaning mineral-clouded dishes, and you’ll have longer-lasting clothes.

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