Essential Health Tips for Transitioning into Winter Weather

The winter season is nearly here, and it threatens to be one of the coldest yet. For this reason, many people are spending their time preparing for sudden snowfalls and extreme drops in temperature. But just as we need to protect our homes from weather-related hazards, it’s also important that we put some of that focus towards preserving our physical health. Winter conditions can be incredibly unforgiving on the body—so much so that even brief trips outdoors can hinder our immune systems. Use these health tips for transitioning into winter weather to ensure you properly navigate this change.

Transitioning into Winter Weather: Eat Warming Foods

As the weather cools, your body uses up more energy trying to keep you warm. Because of this, it’s easier for certain systems, such as your digestive and immune functions, to slow and become less efficient. Eating warmer foods provides you with extra heat and allows your body to continue diverting energy to the areas that need it most. So, make sure you’re eating soups and stews a bit more often during these months—especially on particularly cold days.

Maintain an Exercise Routine

Keeping up with your current exercise regimen is another important health tip for transitioning into winter weather. Once the temperatures drop, you can no longer go outdoors for your workouts, which decreases your overall motivation to be active. This can lead you to stop exercising completely during this time of year and be at an increased risk of feeling unwell. Therefore, it’s vital that you find ways to continue working out regardless of the weather.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Make sure you’re taking care of your skin during this time. The lack of humidity in the winter air tends to rob the skin of its natural moisture. This leaves it feeling dry and itchy and makes it susceptible to cell damage. For this reason, it’s recommended that you gain an understanding of how to best moisturize your skin and develop a seasonal regimen to follow. It’s also important that you get into the habit of applying your moisturizers at least every morning and evening.

Understand Seasonal Depression

Additionally, try familiarizing yourself with the mental health dangers that winter can present. The transition into winter can be a lot for some people to deal with, and it can even bring about an unhappiness known as seasonal depression. This ailment makes your moods dip and can put you in a potentially harmful mental state. As such, it never hurts to further educate yourself about the condition and read up on certain tips to mitigate its effects.

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