6 Depression Breaking Tips

Break your Depression

Being in a funk (or depression) is frustrating no matter your age or stage of life. So, what can you do when you are a in a funk? What helps you fight through?

Regardless of the reason for your depression or funk,  we have suggestions to help you get out of your own way and find your way through the rough feelings.

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Name the Mood:

Start by giving it a name. Whatever the feeling you are feeling, name it.  In other words, own it. Whether the emotion is fear, sadness, loneliness, doubt or grief don’t let the the feeling gain control.  Do  this by proclaiming, for instance, “I am feeling so alone” and own it by telling yourself  “I can get through this, because I have friends who can help me.”

Feel the Depression:

Feel it. Emotions are powerful. Allow yourself to feel the emotion to its fullness. Cry, scream, punch a pillow, or take a hike.  However healthy emotional release happens for you, allow it to happen. When emotions are not released they fester and become toxic and leave us feeling drained. This may lead to problems in other areas of our lives.

Talk about the Funk:

Don’t be afraid to talk about it. Find someone to trust, such as a friend, relative, spiritual leader or therapist and speak with them about the feelings and emotions you are experiencing. When talking about it is hard for you, you may be allowing yourself to be isolated.  Allowing yourself to admit you need help, and to ask for it, will allow you to see how strong you are, and reaching out will allow others to show the love and support they have for you.

Get Inspired:

After speaking about it and feeling it, you will feel drained no doubt about it.  So, to help yourself out and find something that inspires you. You may not even have to get out of bed to be inspired.  Inspiration can come from a favorite song, book, or even a video.  Sometimes the easiest way to become inspired is to just get out of the house and switch up your routine.  Find a way to inspire yourself, no matter what the inspiration is.  Think of positive experiences in the past and try mimicking them, you may find positive memories will kick-start your serotonin and help bring you out of that negative state of mind.

Start With One Small Thing:

It doesn’t matter what your small thing is. Get out of bed. Go outside. Change your clothes. Take a bath.  Baby steps are a an easy start to breaking your funk. Play with an animal, or a child. Watch a comedy. Get a massage. In the end, it really doesn’t matter what your one small thing is. It may even be the thing that inspires you.  Whatever it is, this make sure it is something that breaks you out of your monotony.

Call in Reinforcements to Help you Break your Funk:

Whether reinforcements are parents, friends, therapists, your journal, spouse or even your child, be sure to bring in someone who will talk real with you, but also show you how much they love you.   A friend who will be real with you and tell you where you need to cut the crap is a true friend, just as much as the friend who will boost you up when you are feeling down.

The key to really getting yourself out of the negative mindset is to start where you are. If you can’t get out of bed, try doing that first.  If you are struggling at work, try taking a walk during your break. Just start by doing something different.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while some forms of depression can be stymied with the help of a few close friends, some types of depression will require a medical personnel and sometimes medications to break out of. There is nothing wrong if this is the case, but be sure you are getting the help you need.  if you are interested in learning about the science behind the way you are feeling, and curious to know if understanding the science can help you break out of that state of mind, here is an additional resource that talks about brain chemistry and science.

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