The Best At-Home Workouts

The BEST at-home workouts

My local gym has been closed for 2 months now, whats a stay-at-home person who is looking for ways to staying healthy to do? Walking every day while keeping a safe distance from the world has been great but, after many weeks now I need more.  Read on for the best at-home workouts.  

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Staying Healthy

Staying healthy is the goal here so, I enthusiastically call my local gym looking for their best tips and recommendations for working out at home. With pep in my step, I create a list of goals for my work out at home routine. The goals are…

  • Learn and master 1 new exercise each week
  • Yoga or Pilates added once a week
  • 30 minutes of workout at home exercises 3 times a week
  • Jog to my community pool and back without needing to catch my breath

Warm-up before you work out

I feel like this goes without saying but, it’s an important reminder to avoid injuries. Warming up can be as easy as jogging in place, doing some jumping jacks, and then stretching a bit. Anything to get those muscles and heart ready for their 30 minutes to shine.

Best at home workouts

Working out made fun while you work out at home

I find the best way to enjoy working out is having fun while doing it. That’s why one of my goals is to add a new workout exercise to my routine at least once a week. Setting up a schedule for which exercises you will do will make staying on task a little easier. Be sure to have some fun. Here is an example of day one.

  • Curls – try using milk jugs for added weight – 10 X each arm
  • Plank – 30 seconds
  • Walking Lunges – Complete a chore while doing so. – 10 Lunges per leg
  • Incline push-ups – Feet on the floor arms on a bed, table or chair – 15 pushups
  • Leg Swings – 10 each leg
  • Burpees – 15 (but only if you’re up for it)

Staying positive while you work out at home

For me, music has a way of putting me in the best of moods. Working out while listening to my favorite playlist (at the moment) makes my workouts a lot of fun. Heck, I even manage to get a little dancing in while I’m working out.


For more ideas, click here. 

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