General Health

January, 2012

  • 26 January

    Financing that Aged Care Option

    If you are looking for any form of specialised care, you will need to spend some money for quality service. Aged care, in Brisbane, is no different! The cost of aged care can seem quite daunting especially because everyone may not have the budget to get all the facilities that …

  • 6 January

    I Have To Eat What?! 5 Ways To Simplify Becoming Vegetarian

    As with most things in life, transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle is as easy or as difficult as you make it. With a well thought out plan, it’s very easy to go veggie. If, though, you try to jump into the lifestyle with both feet and a blindfold, you’ll almost …

  • 6 January

    Step Away from the Fork: 5 dieting tips that just might work

    I’m chubby. Actually, that’s not true. According to the latest BMI calculators, I’m obese. I don’t believe it and, quite honestly, you can’t make me. I wear a size 12, I’m 5’6” tall and my waist band is a comfortable 32”. Yes, that may be an over share but I …

  • 2 January

    History of the Eye Test

    History of the Eye Test When one goes to the optician for a routine eye check, you probably don’t think much about the letter chart on the wall or the various tests performed to ascertain any changes in the quality of your vision. So where did it all begin? As far back as 1623, Benito [...]

  • 1 January

    8 Great Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil

    There are a variety of natural methods available for treating infection, and one of the very best of them is tea tree oil, an essential oil extracted from the leaves of a plant known scientifically as melaleuca alternifolia – which is native to Australia, New South Wales in particular. Tea tree oil has many valuable [...]

December, 2011

  • 30 December

    Getting a Relaxing Massage

    Sometimes all we need is a nice, hour-long relaxing massage to get out of whatever funk we’re in. College students are always looking for ways to relax after their long commutes. Getting a relaxing massage could help them get refreshed before heading back to school. Once you start getting massages you’ll become hooked because of [...]

  • 29 December

    Some Of The Surprising Benefits Of Adding A Walk In Shower To Your Home

    With the hectic lifestyle that many of us have today, and the pressures of modern life, many of us find ourselves constantly rushing around without the time to actually enjoy ourselves and relax. This, accompanied by the desire to achieve greater efficiency and save money on heating and water, is probably the biggest contributor of the [...]

  • 29 December

    Hayfever: What Is It And How Do You Treat It?

    Hayfever or Rhinitis affects thousands of people each year in the UK with symptoms ranging from inflammation of the nose, sneezing, blocked nose, itching and a runny nose. Eyes and the sinuses can also become inflamed and irritated. The cause of hayfever is varied, but is typically due to infection, reactions to medicine, triggers from [...]

  • 29 December

    How to Live Long and Stay Healthy

    With the average person living to 80 years old – 8 years more than in the 1970s – it is no wonder that we are witnessing rising cases of arthritis, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease – we have got an ever increasing aging population. Yet just because you are getting old, doesn’t mean you [...]

  • 28 December

    Top 10 Reason Why Invisalign Rocks!

    Invisalign Braces are not really braces at all.  They are a series of clear and removable teeth aligners designed to slowly move your teeth over time giving you a nice smile. They rock mainly because you can take the Invisalign trays out with ease at anytime.  This is especially great when it comes to eating.  [...]