Understanding Rhinoplasty and How a Professional Surgeon Can Help Shape Your Nose

Looking for some useful and informative details about rhinoplasty? Perhaps you are considering a nose job or are just curious about what the procedure entails? Then head on over to rhinoplastynet.com, a site for The Institute of Rhinoplasty and Nasal Reconstruction, which is headed by Dr. Babak Azizzadeh. He is the author and leading expert on the subject of rhinoplasty surgical procedures, so you know any information you absorb from his site will be 100 percent reliable and accurate. Here is how a professional surgeon can help to shape your nose through the wonder of rhinoplasty.

Prior to the Surgery

Rhinoplasty will change your appearance and lead to more self-confidence, but it will probably not get you movie star good looks. If you believe that the surgery will do that, then it’s best to sit down and talk with your surgeon, so that you expect only realistic results that won’t disappoint you when all is said and done. The best candidates for this type of procedure are those people who are committed to improving their appearance, but not perfecting it in any way, which would be impossible anyhow. The surgery can be used to improve looks, but it can also be done for reconstructive reasons like correcting breathing problems and birth defects.

The Surgery Itself

During this procedure, you will have the skin of your nose separated from the supporting base of cartilage and bone. The cartilage is then formed to the desired shape. A procedure like this most commonly lasts between 1 and 2 hours, though more complicated surgeries last a lot longer. How your nose is sculpted during this surgery will depend on your specific issues as well as the preferred method of your surgeon. At long last, your skin will be replaced over the new “framework” that was just sculpted into place. A splint will also be placed on your nose to help it keep its new shape.

Once Surgery Is Over

For the first 24 hours after the procedure, be prepared for some pain and discomfort, as with any other type of surgery. Your face is going to feel puffy, and your nose is going to ache. If you are unlucky, you might suffer from a headache as well. However, don’t fret; you can manage the pain by way of the pain medications that your surgeon will prescribe you. For the day after surgery, you should stay in bed with your head elevated, but you can still go to the bathroom when you have to.

This is how a professional surgeon can aid in shaping your nose through rhinoplasty. This procedure is safe, effective, and efficient if you want to improve your looks, or fix a breathing problem or structural defect in your nose. When you look for a surgeon for this procedure, take your time and do some research and compare surgeons. You’ll want the surgeon shaping your nose to be a highly skilled individual with many years of experience!

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