Fun With Face Masks

jFace mask time! Aside from face masks being a totally necessity and any good sleepover, they actually can be very beneficial for our skin.

I wanted to share with you some great natural ingredients and the benefits they have on our skin:

1. Mint: Mint deep cleans our skin. It helps seep into our pores and detoxify them. This ingredients also helps our skin to feel very refreshed, making it a great mask to apply first thing in the morning. Mint also helps combat oily skin.

2. Honey: Honey is a natural humectant. This means that it attracts moisture. This tasty ingredient is perfect for those who have dry skin. After applying this mask, the honey will allow your skin to absorb moisture from everywhere! Rather it be your moisturizer, or moisture in the air, your skin will get it all. Pretty cool right?

3. Lemon: Lemon is a natural skin brightener. Lemon is facial masks, help your skin to be more glowing and radiant. If you ever feel like your complexion is dull, lemon is your go to fixer!

4. Olive Oil: Extra Virgin Olive Oil is amazing. This oil helps add moisture to your skin WITHOUT clogging your pores. It is essential for a smooth and even complexion. An extra tip, olive oil can also be used as a great make up remover!

Make sure you keep these ingredients in mind next time you pick up a mask, or better yet, make your own!

Enjoy being beautiful, ladies!

Amber O.

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