Henna For Hair


Henna. What exactly is henna? What does it do? So many questions about henna have been circulating about this product since it became more popular and mainstream in America.

I wanted to answer these questions so that you have a clearer understanding. Let’s jump right in.

What is Henna? Henna (Lawsonia inermis, also called henna tree) or Hina is a flowering plant, the sole species in the genus Lawsonia in the family Lythraceae. Henna is made from a paste constructed from the plants leaves.

What is the purpose of Henna? Henna has been used since ancient times  to color skin, hair, fingernails, leather, and wool.

Is Henna bad for the hair? No. It is a natural colorant and strengthener, and has all sorts of other benefits such as the reduction of dandruff, elimination of ringworm and head lice.

Ok, so now that we have a few facts on henna let’s discuss if using it is something that you may be interested in. Personally, I’m all for using all things natural on my hair and skin. That being said, henna is a definite two thumbs up.

You can use if you would like to strengthen your hair, like a natural protein treatment which is awesome. This is essential for people like myself who use heat regularly or have color or chemically treated hair.

Using henna as a dye is also effective for lighter hair. You can do, reddish, brown, or black colors. For darker hair, it will not lighten your hair, but will give it a tint of the color you choose.

So why not give henna a try? Your hair will thank you.

-Amber O.


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