Body Art with No Regrets

Millions of people are curious about tattoos, but the permanent nature of having someone bond ink with your skin via a needle is enough to turn off many of them. Not only will you be stuck with a tattoo for the rest of your life unless you pay for an expensive and painful removal, but you will also be facing the risk of contracting an illness from unsanitary conditions.

Other issues that plague tattoo owners include the regret of getting a tattoo without giving it the proper amount of thought and the ridicule that can accompany a poorly done piece. In order to avoid these issues, it is best to stay away from the tattoo parlor and invest in high quality temporary tattoos instead.

The New Style of Temporary Tattoos

Over the past few years, temporary tattoos have become a major staple of the fashion industry. These stunning adornments have very little in common with the temporary tattoos that you probably wore as a child. Although they are applied and removed in a similar manner, the subject matter of a temporary tattoo will be very artistic, and it can range from edgy to classy.

These tattoos have become the accessory of choice for fashionistas who are looking for something different, and they make it easy to select the perfect accessory without spending an extended period of time trying on jewelry.

Buying Temporary Tattoos

You can find temporary tattoos in clothing and makeup stores, and the creators will vary from brands like Chanel and Urban Decay to individual artists. It is also possible to purchase temporary tattoos online, and this will provide you with the best selection.

In fact, there is a website for that provides designs that have been created by top artists. The site’s visitors get to vote on the available options to determine which ones will be made, and this level of interaction with the entire process makes wearing a temporary tattoo even more appealing for many people.

SarahFashion Considerations

Any outfit that you have can easily be paired with a temporary tattoo. Whether you want a piece to take the place of jewelry or to mimic the look and placement of a permanent tattoo, these temporary art pieces are the perfect way to complete any look.

Author Shelby Warden enjoys wearing temporary tattoos that match her weekend outfits. TattooYou is a new community that is reinventing temporary tattoos to compete with the best of the permanent art form. Not only can you choose the newest designs, but you can have a part in determining the next designs to be printed by voting on artwork from A-list tattooers and illustrators.

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