Issues with Women’s Libido


No woman wants to lack the desire for intimacy with someone she genuinely cares about. Women’s libido issues can often come out in ways that erode a woman’s relationships and damage her feelings of self worth. Understanding the causes of low libido can help a woman figure out how to treat her issue and start enjoying intimate moments again.

Which Women Suffer From Libido Issues?

1. Women Experiencing Hormone Issues – Hormone problems in women happen during major physical events like pregnancy and menopause as well as throughout life as a woman gets older. Women’s libido relies on signals from hormones to tell her body to get ready for intimacy. When a woman’s hormones are out of balance, she can start to have trouble getting interested in sex or responding to sexual advances.

2. Women With Physical Problems With Sex – Some women have issues with dryness and pain that makes the physical sensation of having sex painful or less pleasurable than it should be. These women naturally experience a loss of interest in intimacy over time. Libido issues in someone with pain or discomfort during sex is completely natural.

3. Women Under Stress – The stress of difficult points in everyday life can often cause some women to experience a lack of interest in intimacy that may stick around until the stressful situation resolves. The hormones that start a woman’s libido rely on a healthy stress free environment to function properly, and even everyday life problems can start to erode libido without help. Stress can lead to a lack of interest in sex when it doesn’t ease up quickly.

4. Women In Poor Physical Condition – Like most things, a healthy sex drive is often dependent on a healthy lifestyle. Sickness, poor eating habits, and a lack of exercise or sleep can all lead to libido trouble in women. Someone who doesn’t take care of themselves properly or struggles with disease will often eventually notice a decreased interest in sexual enjoyment.

Treating Women With Low Libido

Women experiencing issues with low libido have many options that might help. Changing basic habits to include more nutritious food and better exercise and sleep is often the first change a woman should make for any sexual issue. Women with hormone trouble are often also encouraged to try hormone replacements from a physician during menopause, though this treatment has been correlated with an increase in some types of cancer later.

One of the best options for treating women’s libido issues is natural herbal supplements designed to help a woman’s body perform the way it was intended at any stage of life. Supplements can help the body build interest in sex in a natural way while dealing with hormone imbalances and encouraging blood flow to overcome most physical issues. Women with lifestyle problems and stress may still need to address their underlying problems, but herbal supplements can give them what they need to start experiencing intimacy again. The right supplements should be safe and side effect free for regular use.


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