Reasons To Get Lasik Surgery


Unanticipated Benefits of Lasik

As of 2012, 75% of Americans wear some type of corrective lenses. This number is divided between those who wear glasses and those who wear contacts. The reason for wearing corrective lenses varies, from near and farsightedness from childhood to an age related need for vision correction. The number of adults who look into corrective eye surgery each year is growing steadily as word of successful corrections spread. The most well known form of corrective eye surgery is Lasik surgery. With this type of surgery, a laser is used to cut a small slit in the cornea flap, and then reshape the underlying cornea resulting in improved vision. If you have been looking into the possibility of laser eye surgery in Portland, you may be interested to know that there are a few benefits of surgery that people may not anticipate.

More Self Confidence

Wearing a pair of glasses has been known to make some people feel isolated, as if they view the world from behind a set of frames and a window of glass. Add to this the fact that glasses can feel heavy; often sliding down the bridge of one’s nose and you some are left feeling isolated and irritated. For some who wear eye glasses, it is a constant battle of keeping them free of smudges, trying to prevent them from fogging up upon entering a warm room, and even trying to remember where they last laid them down. Contact lenses pose their own set of issues. Major complaints include dry eyes, constant purchase of solutions and cleaners, and lost contact lenses. These issues can all have an adverse effect on the types of activities you can and cannot do before stopping to take care of your lenses. For some, even falling asleep for a short nap can mean waking up to irritated eyes for the rest of the day.

Improved Safety

In some cases, one’s vision is so poor that even getting up to use the bathroom in the night might be a safety issue. Some with very poor vision say that they cannot even see their alarm clock in the middle of the night if not wearing their contacts. An additional safety issue sometimes occurs when eye glasses or contact lenses are lost or damaged, especially if this happens while away from home or on vacation, meaning they cannot be quickly replaced. Upon having corrective eye surgery, many people realize just how well they can see, and wonder how they were able to manage before.

Savings on Glasses or Contacts

With an average pair of glasses being somewhere from $150 to $200 today, and contact lenses supply for one year averaging anywhere between $250 and $1000, many are finding that the cost savings from having Lasik surgery really do add up. When compared to the lifetime cost of corrective lenses, this type of surgery can really save money in the end. Some have complained about the cost of corrective laser surgery, but upon comparing the costs of a lifetime of glasses or contact lenses, many people find that they end up actually saving money.

There are many reasons that people choose to have corrective laser surgery on their eyes. The most commonly discussed benefits of 20/20 vision entice many to visit a qualified Lasik surgeon to check into the possibilities for their own eyes. By looking at some of the other benefits, many others may choose to have their eyes corrected as well.


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