Ideas For Weight Loss This Year


Introducing a Corporate Weight Loss Program in the Workplace

The benefits of healthy employees are many. Healthier employees take fewer sick days, are more productive when they come to work, and can ultimately help a company improve their bottom line. If you own a business, you may be interested in the benefits that taking advantage of an executive weight loss program can bring to your workforce. Not only will the results of a weight loss program help out your business, but it will also help your employees get on track towards living healthier lifestyles. Here are the four steps you should take when you want to introduce a weight loss program into your company culture.

Find a Provider

There are a ton of corporate weight loss programs out there that claim that their method and approach is the best. When you are selecting a program to invest in, choose wisely. Many of these programs are extremely demanding, time consuming, and may not even interest your employees. One revolutionary approach to company weight loss is online programs that utilize high tech methods. These high tech programs are extremely popular, successful, and get results because they focus on nutrition, fitness, mindset, and are convenient due to the online approach.

Know What Your Employees Want

Unless your employees are interested in a weight loss program, it may be difficult to get them to engage. However, with all the attractive features that come with online programs, you may find that your employees are extremely interested and excited about the new program. Before you introduce the program into your workplace, have each employee take an anonymous survey. Ask your employees first if they are interested in a program, what kind of features they would like to see in the program, and whether or not they would be willing to participate.

Encourage Health in the Office

After you’ve implemented a new online weight loss program into your workplace, try to encourage healthy behaviors in the office. As an employer, you can play a role in your employee’s success. For example, start up an employee softball league or encourage the development of a running club for those that enjoy running. Instead of setting out doughnuts, muffins, and other high-calorie items for your workplace meetings, give your employee healthy options such as fruit and yogurt. If the vending machines in the hall are full of candy bars, set out some granola bars, veggies, or other healthy food items near the break room so your employees can fill up on healthy food when they get the munchies in the mid-afternoon.

Stay Committed

Weight loss is not a short-term commitment. Many companies make the mistake of introducing a new program, getting their employees hyped up about losing weight and getting healthy, and then eventually forget about these new health initiatives. Keep motivation up in your office by offering rewards, encouraging healthy lifestyles, and most importantly remembering that weight loss does not happen overnight. It may take a few days or weeks before you truly start to see the benefits of implementing an online weight loss program into your company culture. Remain committed to the new program and help your employees stay motivated so that they are able to improve their health and your company benefits as well.



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