Toddler Time: Tips on Entertaining Your 2-Year-Old

Box of ballsBeing the mother of a toddler can be challenging and rewarding in many ways. Once your baby has graduated from infant to toddler status, you may find it increasingly challenging to keep him entertained for long periods of time throughout the day – especially when you are a stay-at-home mom. Here are a few tips to keep your two-year-old entertained while he is learning new skills, all at the same time.

Get Out of the House

Spending too many hours contained in your home is enough to make any mom and her two-year-old climb the walls. Get out of the house and explore the outdoors. Toddlers have lots of energy. Taking yours to a playground where there is a section of equipment meant just for his age group and size will help him develop motor skills and burn some energy. After an hour at a park, your little one will undoubtedly sleep better either during his afternoon nap or at bedtime, or both.

Invest in Learning Toys

Some of the best toys for toddlers are ones that encourage their development while keeping them entertained at the same time. Music tables, activity centers, play kitchens and ride-on toys help your toddler develop muscles and stimulate his brain. Toddlers love interactive toys in which an action on their part results in a reaction from the toy in the form of lights, music and fun sounds. Learning toys will keep your child interested and undoubtedly become one of her favorite forms of play.

Join a Moms’ Club

It is important for both you and your little one to interact with people your own age. Consider joining a Moms’ Club in your area. These types of social clubs often have planned group play dates at parks or someone’s home. They also do things as a group, such as visit children’s museums, tour fire stations, and other activities in the community.

A Moms’ Club is a great resource for socializing as well as getting group discounts on tickets to puppet shows and other child-centered events in your town. Plus, there is the added bonus for both you and your child to make new friendships. Moms who talk about the trials and rewards of motherhood while their toddlers play together often form close bonds of friendship that last many years.

Read a Book

Children of all ages love books, and reading to your toddler can be a special, relaxing time for both of you. Read before naptime, at bedtime and any other time your child needs some quiet, one-on-one time with you after a busy day of playing.

Just like all the stages of childhood, having an energetic, inquisitive two-year-old goes by in a blink. When you stay active, both physically and socially, both you and your toddler will benefit in so many ways. The time you give your child is a precious gift she will remember for the rest of your life. Enjoy it at every stage.

Writer Melanie Fleury is the mother of four children and the purchaser of a small fortune worth of toys. By the fourth child, she learned that quality is far more important than the quantity of toys. To find toys that your baby will love and that will last, visit The best toys are durable and offer hours of entertainment.


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