Tips for Hosting a Safe and Healthy BBQ

If you are planning on inviting people over for a barbecue, it is important to take everyone’s health into consideration. After all, it is likely to be warm, so you should take steps to help everyone stay safe. Additionally, it is a good idea to provide healthier alternatives to the traditional barbecue fare.

1) Provide Shade – Outside parties are definitely a good way to take advantage of the summer, but they can turn into a nightmare if it is very sunny day. Therefore, you need to make sure that you provide some shade with an awning, a table top umbrella or an open garage.

2) Keep Bottled Water on Ice – The most important way to prevent heat stroke aside from staying out of the sun is to drink a lot of water. However, no one wants to drink water that has been sitting out in the sun. To prevent this problem, you should fill a big cooler with ice and stick at least one bottle of water in it for each guest.

3) Keep the Alcohol to a Minimum – Even though most people assume that a barbecue will include a lot of beer, you should keep the safety of all of your guests in mind. After all, if someone sits in your backyard drinking beer for several hours, they run the very serious of risk of getting a DUI. According to, the legal blood alcohol content limit (BAC) is being lowered frequently by states, and it only takes a minimal amount to get a DUI. To help prevent your guests from needing a DUI attorney, you should focus on providing a diverse selection of non-alcoholic beverages.

4) Serve Vegan Friendly Food – The odds are high that at least one person at your barbecue is going to be a vegetarian or vegan, so you should take this into consideration when you are buying food. Smart Dogs are a great alternative to hot dogs, and they are also healthier for all of your guests. Additionally, it is always a good idea to have a veggie tray to encourage people to eat something healthy.

If it is extremely sunny during your barbecue, you should consider putting some sunblock outside so that everyone can take the proper precautions to avoid getting sunburned. By taking this step and providing lots of shade and water, you can help ensure that all of your guests will have an enjoyable experience.

Kari Lloyd is a freelance writer who contributes to a wide variety of publications. Post-barbeque DUI’s are a sad fact of life, particularly when it’s hot outside. For her research she visited to learn more about DUI’s and what you can do about them.
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Tips for Hosting a Safe and Healthy BBQ

If you are planning on inviting people over for a barbecue, it is important to take everyone's health into consideration. After all, it is...