Save Your Skin: Daily Grooming Tips For Minimalists

We all want beautiful skin, but sometimes we just don’t want to spend a lot of time on it. Not every girl – or guy – wants a one hour skin care regime morning and night. So what’s the least you can get away with and still get the results you want? Try these tips.


Most of the time, when we think about skin care, it’s all about the face. After all, that’s what everyone sees. When it comes to looking after the skin on your face, you can’t beat plain old water as a first step to getting it clean. Watch out for soaps which can leave a film on your face and clog your pores. If you choose to use a facial wash, then make sure it is suitable for your skin type – you don’t want to make your skin too dry or too oily and disturb its natural balance. While there’s nothing wrong with exfoliating from time to time, don’t overdo it or you might irritate the skin. When you’ve finished washing your face, pat it dry, making sure to move always in an upward motion so you don’t stretch the skin.

Moisturising and After Care

Some people like to use a toner to give their skin a lift, but not all toners are alike. Those that contain too much alcohol will dry the skin and could have the opposite effect to the one you intend. As with facial wash, any moisturiser should match your skin type. One size doesn’t fit all, so look out for ranges with products for dry, oily or combination skin.

Sun Protection

One way to save time – and use one less product – is to use a facial moisturiser that includes sun protection. Everyone should wear sun protection, even if the weather is cloudy and even if they have dark skin. Though you won’t see the damage until years later, unprotected skin will be affected by UV rays, adding unwanted years at the time when you most want to retain your youthful allure.

The Body

Apart from the face, it’s a good idea to look after the rest of your body too. That usually means occasional treatments for the areas with roughest skin (elbows and feet) and using a good daily moisturiser the rest of the time. Skin needs moisture to look its best and you will know if your skin lacks moisture by the feel. If it is rough and dry, then it’s definitely time to moisturise!

Ageing Skin

All of these tips apply just as much as we get older, though the products we use may change. As we age, skin tends to get looser and drier and many products focus on making it firm and soft again. Look out for anti-ageing facial moisturisers, night repair creams with collagen, and deep moisturising body lotions to keep your skin looking its best.

This type of skin care regime doesn’t take long. Less than 10-15 minutes a day can keep your skin looking healthy and make you feel good because you look good. Try it and see for yourself.

These skin care tips are provided by Chris Jenkinson of Abingdon Qutis Clinics in the UK.

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