Taking the Next Step In Your Relationship: Healthy Ways To Move Forward

when you are in loveIf your current relationship is relatively healthy, it is a good idea to consider taking the next step to deepen your level of commitment. Keep in mind that every couple has disagreements sometimes. However, as long as the two of you are able to communicate openly and honestly, you should be in a good position to move forward with a relationship that will be filled with happy moments that will help your mental and physical health.

Steps for Moving Forward
Before you decide to get married, you need to take smaller steps that will provide the two of you with a solid base for your relationship.

1. Work through Recurring Issues

If there is something in your relationship that keeps causing strife, you need to put the issue to rest permanently or it could end up causing you to split. It is best to sit down together and openly discuss the problem so that you can agree to a compromise that makes both people happy. However, if the two of you are having a difficult time doing this, you should consider going to a relationship counselor to help you set important guidelines for dealing with similar issues.

2. Symbols of Commitment 

Even if you are not ready to get engaged yet, it is still a good idea to utilize a physical symbol of your commitment to the relationship, such as a promise ring. After all, getting a ring can make the recipient feel more certain of the other person’s level of commitment, symbolizing their love. It can also symbolize the emotional health and well-being of the entire relationship.

3. Put Aside Time for Each Other

love conquers allBoth people in the relationship need to feel like they are a priority, so you should continue going on dates even if you have been together for several years. It is also important to have a policy in place about communicating on a regular basis. Keep in mind that connecting with each other verbally is the only way to get a realistic look at how the other person currently feels about the relationship.

As long as you and your significant other always take time to openly discuss your feelings, you should be able to deal with any potential issues before they become overwhelming. When you combine this level of openness with a material symbol of your commitment, such as a ring, you will create an environment that makes your partner feel secure within the relationship.

Lisa Coleman shares some healthy ways for a couple to recognize when they might consider taking their relationship to the next level. She encourages honesty and communication as key factors for a relationship to remain healthy, and a promise ring to symbolize love. Rings such as those purchased from an online jeweler, like Super Jeweler, allow a person a variety of beautiful and affordable ways to say I am Yours.

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