Top Skin-Care Products To Bring with You on Vacation

Though throwing caution to the wind when you’re vacationing can be tempting, you can’t forget to care for your skin. You’ll feel so much healthier and more confident when your skin is fresh, hydrated, and healthy. But what products should you bring with you? Consider our list of the top skin-care products to bring with you on vacation.


First and foremost, bringing sunscreen with you on vacation is imperative. Even if you’re traveling to a cooler or cloudier climate, the sun doesn’t stop producing harmful UV rays. You’ll want to pack your favorite sunscreen or invest in a quality physical or chemical sunscreen once you arrive at your destination. Don’t forget to apply the sunscreen anytime you go out—even if you’re not headed to the beach.


Your face will likely collect a worrisome amount of germs, dirt, and other particulates while you’re traveling, lounging in the sun, or out on the town. Bring a gentle cleanser with you to wash your face every night before you go to sleep and every morning when you dress, yes even while on vacation.


Airplanes, air-conditioning systems, and other factors can really dry out your skin. Don’t forget to apply a generous amount of lotion after cleaning your face. You can always use a separate facial moisturizer or a cream with antioxidants and SPF for added hydration and protection.


People often don’t think about it, but an exfoliant is an important skin-care product to bring with you on vacation. Exfoliating your skin after a long day at the beach, in an airplane, or hiking on a mountain will help you slough off dead skin cells for a brighter, healthier complexion. Just be sure not to exfoliate too much, or you can dry out your skin. After exfoliating, be sure to apply lotion to rehydrate and further soften your skin.


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