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Limes, Your kitchens great zing

Healthy, Affordable Goodness: Limes

Are you looking for something to add some extra taste without hurting the bottom line? Well consider lime’s. Whether as an alternative or an addition into Lemons

Afforability: Limes are not expensive and you can easily grow them in your back yard if you have the space; perhaps even have some limes from a neighbors place. Surely you can include them in at least some of your meals if not a majority of them in one way or another. They have a lot of natural sugars and vitamin C so they can help substitute for expensive vitamins or store bought health foods in certain cases. We do not recommend dropping your diet or vitamin regiment just with limes but they are a great addition.

General Health:  Vitamin C is amazing for your health. Often times people forget that it is more important as a preventative medicine that you have daily to build your immune system. It is not as effective after the fact when you are sick, although it does help.

Eye Care: This one may not be obvious but your eyes can benefit from the anti-oxidant properties within Limes. This can help thwart aging and macular degeneration. The flavonoids also help defend your eyes from infection.

Scurvy: While you may think that scurvy is a thing of the past that only pirates and sea goers had it is not. The fact is that there are still many places such as cement factories, mines, and furnaces can be distribution centers for workers to transmit scurvy.


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