Cosmetic Surgery to Help You Put Your Best Face Forward

The wonders of plastic surgery have made it possible to completely change the way you look. Blemishes and facial imperfections are no longer things to worry about.

Cosmetic surgery is also effective in turning the clock back, making patients look decades younger through some simple surgeries like face lifts and rhinoplasties. Here are some popular cosmetic surgeries for the face.

Face Lifts

Technically known as a rhytidectomy—literally translated to “surgical removal of wrinkles”—the face lift is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries. In fact, according to 2008 statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, face lifts ranked as the sixth most popular aesthetic surgery.

The aim of a face lift is to provide a more youthful appearance to the patient. After a face lift, a patient will look years younger. The procedure is helpful in improving visible signs of aging in the face, including:

  • Sagging in the midface
  • Deep creases in the lower eyelids
  • Deep creases along the nose to the corners of the mouth
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Loose skin

During the procedure the surgeon makes an incision in front of the ear extending up to the hairline. The incision continues around the bottom and behind the ear, ending near the hairline at the back of the neck. The skin is then separated from the deeper tissues over the cheeks and neck. The deeper tissues are tightened with sutures while excess skin and tissue is removed. The skin is then draped back over the skin and the incisions are closed up with sutures or staples.


Commonly referred to as nose shaping or a nose job, the rhinoplasty is ranked even higher than face lifts in popularity. Generally, rhinoplasties aim to improve the appearance and proportion of the patient’s nose, enhancing self-confidence and facial harmony. Nose shape is usually something inherited, like eye color, but may have been altered by a previous injury. In pertinent cases, nose surgery will help correct structural abnormalities in the nose that may be causing impaired breathing.

Some things rhinoplasty can improve include:

  • Nose size in relation to other facial features
  • Width of the nose bridge
  • Nose profile
  • Nasal tip that is too large, drooping, or upturned.
  • Nasal asymmetry

Nose surgery is a very individualized surgery, more so than other cosmetic procedures. Cartilage or tissue can be removed, or in many cases, pieces of cartilage from other areas of the body are grafted to the nose to augment nasal structures.

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