Top 12 Muscle Building Essentials

Here are a dozen new as well as tried and true must-haves for every mass-seeking bodybuilder.

1.      Boa Bars

Strength imbalances can cause serious issues and a common issue is lack of thumb strength. That’s because the thumb muscles never get taxed when you grip a round bar. Boa bars remedy that and can relieve chronic elbow pain while creating a new arm muscle gains. Many college and pro athletic teams use them.

2.      Motion Transfer Cable Attachment Bar

Cable moves from pulldowns to curls to upright rows can cause wrist and shoulder joint impingement – if you use a straight bar. The motion transfer attachment is width adjustable and its free-moving handles give you more natural movement and better target-muscle action.



3.      Ab Bench

Doing crunches on the floor keeps doesn’t allow a prestretch in your abs, which keeps you from getting maximum fiber recruitment. The Ab bench’s rounded back pad enables full range of motion – and you can add weight easily and comfortably. It’s the Rolls Royce of ab-etching machines.

4.      Flexsolate Straps

Take your hands out of the action for better target-muscle contraction. These ingeniously designed cuffs can give you better fiber recruitment in almost every muscle – from lats on pulldowns to delts on cable laterals to triceps on pushdowns.

5.      Powerblock

Would you believe dumbbells from five to 90 pounds in the space of a shoe box? All you need are these selectorized dumbbells and an adjustable bench for a hardcore home-gym workout that works big time.

6.      Kettleblock

Kettlebell training is all the rage, but you need lots of floor space if you want varying weights and sizes. Not anymore! With the selectorized Kettleblock you can choose 8, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 pounds to toss around – convenient to conditioning raised to an art form. There’s also a 20 pound max kettleblock available.

7.      Six Pack

Here’s the perfect meal-management system for mass-seeking bodybuilders. It lets you pack multiple meals in resealable containers, is a waterproof and even has storage organizer for vitamins and other supplements. Plus it comes with a reusable ice pack to keep your protein shakes cool.

8.      Fat Gripz

Now you can get the incredible muscle-activation power of thick-bar training with fat gripz. They simply slip on a standard bar, making it twice as thick so you stimulate new size and strength.


9.      GFlex

Build muscle almost anywhere. The GFlex turns any door, tree or reinforced structure into a complete gym with a 300 plus muscle-building and fat-burning exercises. It comes with a workout DVD, a training and nutrition poster and a cardio belt that you can use as a storage bag for your GFlex.


10.  Postworkout X Stack

Your postworkout meal is your mass-building smart bomb – if you take in the right nutrients. Fast-acting carbs for glycogen replenishment, fast-absorbing protein for rebuilding muscle and creatine to restore muscle energetic and fullness is the ideal combo. RecoverX mixed with Creasol gives you all that and more. Maximize your anabolic window and get ready to grow.

11.  Dyna-Bands

These stretchable bands fit right in your suitcase if you’re going on vacation or in your gym bag to help you warm up before a contest. They come in a variety of colors and resistance levels.


12.  Super Gripper

If you want huge forearms with crushing strength to spare, this is the power tool for you. It’s simple to add more coils as you get stronger and unlike barbell and dumbbell exercises, it’s perfectly mimics true gripping action. You’ll get stronger fast with eye-popping lower arm mass.

Angela Milton is a fitness expert and blogger who helped develop the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer workout program.  Learn more about this program by visiting her blog.



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