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What Are The Physical Benefits Of A Professional Massage?



Massage is a number of techniques that can be used to improve a person physically and psychologically. It has been practised for thousands of years around the world. The basis of massage is that you are trying to treat the soft tissue of the body by manipulating it. This manipulation will produce heat which will stimulate the muscular, vascular and nervous system. The manipulation of massage can create two effects, which are relaxation or invigoration and can lead to the overall effect of well-being.

The Benefits of massage

Physical Benefits
There are many physical benefits to massage; probably the most important one is the increase of the circulation of blood around the body. This brings fresh nutrients and oxygen to the body cells and systems. Massage increases the lymphatic flow in the body which can add the removal of toxins and waste product. This benefit is extremely good news for anyone trying to loose weight or reduce they appearance of cellulite. An obvious benefit to massage is that it relaxes tense and contracted muscles which can improve muscle tone and also stimulates nerve endings. By stimulating nerve endings it can reduce or relieve muscular pain and fatigue. Body massage can also help to loosen scar tissue and soften the skin and aide the removal of dead skin cells which can improve the appearance of the skin.

Psychological Benefits
There are a number of psychological benefits to massage and many of these are individual to the recipient. To receive the full impact of massage it’s important that it is preformed on a regular basis, this can help to relieve the client of tension and stress. Many clients after receiving a massage will describe a feeling of relaxation and invigoration. Also clients have described a feeling of having a healthier outlook.
Types of Massage
There are many different types of massage and fully trained masseuses should be able to advise you on the technique that would be best suited to you dependant on your personal requirements. The most popular massage is they aromatherapy massage technique. This is a massage that concentrates on the wellbeing of the client using aromatherapy oils. In today’s modern society it is very stressful and this can contribute to a number of health and emotional problems for people. Aromatherapy massage uses the aromatherapy oils to help relieve the symptoms of stress while the massage relaxes the client. This in turn can help the client reduce the tension of the modern world and improve there quality of life. Another popular massage technique is the deep tissue massage. There is misconception that deep tissue massage means deep pressure, which it doesn’t. This technique stimulates the deep tissue in the body to relieve ongoing muscular pain. Many athletes will use the massage technique to relieve muscular tension. I would advise that deep tissue massage can sometimes leave the client with muscular aches for a couple of days after a massage session due to the muscle repairing.


Massage is a fanatic way of relieving muscular tension or for relaxation. I would advise to always go to a fully trained masseuse. There are many massage techniques that are becoming more popular and are worth researching into. Not only do you need to seek professional help to gain the benefits of massage but there are also products on the market that you can purchase. There are a number of massage gadgets that can be used of the body and there are also a number of hydrotherapy products on the market also that can be used to add relaxation and muscle tension.

Guest Post by Daisy Burgess – Professional blogger for www.walkinbathing.co.uk and trained beauty therapist.

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