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August, 2012

  • 23 August

    It is all about the Cream

    These days everything we see and hear is about healthy eating, stop eating this and minus this from your diet, what they forget to tell you is a majority of foods that are considered bad for you actually have health benefits that you need to stay fit and healthy. Take …

June, 2012

May, 2012

  • 7 May

    Hollywood's Secret to Growing Healthy Hair Revealed

    Supermodels’ Hair Secret Are you traumatizing your most important accessory? No, not your Classic Flap Chanel bag in stressed goatskin, your hair! Hair follicles are the one part of your body most susceptible to consistent trauma; due to lack of proper maintenance, issues of stress, poor nutrition or other health …

  • 6 May

    10 Interesting Facts About Acne

    Most of us have been affected by acne at some point in our lives. It’s a common occurrence for teens and even some adults. So, it makes sense that acne is a common topic of discussion. With the entire buzz, it’s not hard to believe that there are so many …

  • 2 May

    The Perfect Beauty Brush Off

    Every woman should have a well-stocked cosmetic bag filled with tools that each has one shared goal, to make a woman look her absolute best. A woman’s collection of beauty supplies should include things like foundation, pressed or loose powder, blush, bronzer, lipstick, lip gloss, eye liner and mascara. A …

April, 2012

  • 18 April

    Compression Stockings For Dummies

    Compression stockings are designed to increase blood flow in your legs. There are several different types of these elastic stockings, anti-embolism and gradient compression stockings. Compression stockings are designed to help treat and prevent varicose veins, edema and many other vein problems. Being knowledgable about compression stockings before their use …