The Perfect Beauty Brush Off

Every woman should have a well-stocked cosmetic bag filled with tools that each has one shared goal, to make a woman look her absolute best. A woman’s collection of beauty supplies should include things like foundation, pressed or loose powder, blush, bronzer, lipstick, lip gloss, eye liner and mascara. A woman also needs the right applicators to apply her eye shadow cleanly and professionally. The ecotools eye brush set has everything that a woman needs to apply her eye makeup. After all, a woman’s eye makeup should always be impeccable. As they say, the eyes are a window to the soul. It’s important to make sure the eyes look bright, alert and attractive.

All good makeup begins with the eyes.

Many cosmetics companies sell eye shadow that is marketed specifically with women who have a particular eye color. For example, shadow that is tailor made for women with green eyes tends to feature a lot of rich chocolate brown shades. Women with brown eyes look great wearing yellow, gold or green eye shadow. Pink and purple are great colors for women with hazel eyes. A woman’s bag of makeup should ideally contain eye shadow, eye liner and mascara that flatters her personal eye color.

A woman should be able to take her cosmetic bag on the go at a moment’s notice. In other words, everything she needs should already be neatly packed together so it’s easily portable. If a woman finds herself in a position where she is spending the night away from home, she can bring her bag with her. That way, she has everything she needs to create a fresh-faced look in the morning. From her moisturizer to her ecotools eye brush set, she needs to have all her supplies at the ready whether she wakes up at home or in Paris, France.

After all, today’s busy post-modern woman has a lot of things to do, and only 24 hours per day to do it. It isn’t unusual for a woman to apply her makeup while riding on the subway, sitting at her desk at work, or while sipping a cup of latte at the coffee shop. The point is that women need to multitask, and they can’t multitask efficiently if they don’t have all the right tools on hand no matter what the job.

Even if a woman finds she can carry only a limited number of supplies when she travels, she should find room for a good set of eye makeup brushes. Making room for the correct brushes is as simple as buying a larger bag or cutting down on the variety of products in the bag. For example, there’s no need to carry a dozen different lip colors when one color for day and another color for night will do. Just don’t skimp on the brushes.

A woman shouldn’t even consider having a cosmetic bag without the correct applicators in it. Applying eye makeup with cotton balls and cotton swabs is inconvenient, messy and imprecise. Using the brushes from the ecotools eye brush set allows for precise eye shadow application for a neat, professional and glamorous look.

John Grant writes for several health and beauty sites, as well as working designing a new cosmetic bag.

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