TeliaSonera Corporate Overview – The Company That Connects Us All


Wonder How It’s So Easy To Stay Connected?

Its not magic, it has to do with communication companies like TeliaSonera that have spent hundreds of millions of dollars implementing internet cables throughout the world to ensure that there are fast routes for data to pass through! Whether you are looking at communications in the US or in Sweden, even Russia, among other countries they are the company behind the scenes that has invested the money to make this happen.

This is not an overnight procedure, you need to have the teams that can dig up the ground, lay cables and actually know how to get data to go through them for all of our internet needs. More specifically, this is the technology that helps you browse the internet from your cell phone and see your Grandma face-to-face on skype in real time without too much lag! We must all look up to these companies and find ways to support them for if they go down then our life as we know it with the internet is not there anymore! 

We recommend watching the short video that we have below which is the TeliaSonera corporate presentation and a little video below that which showcases some of the future end-users that they plan on integrating. Don’t forget to check the company out in depth on their website, connect to them via social media and watch some of the videos that we have included below. There are also another 12+ brands that they operate and/or are associated with throughout the world including many countries such as Turkey and Russia.

Furthermore, they are one of the dominant telephone companies in Sweden which shows how much power they have in the came. With SEK 105 billion in revenue and 182 million mobile customers as of Q1 in 2013 they are a major company to be reckoned with! Learn more below.

The Featured Video:


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