Singapore Sessions Brings C-Suite Execs Together To Figure Out A Better Tomorrow

Singapore Sessions
The future of the world is truly in the hands of the leaders of the world’s top companies more so than it is in the hands of individuals. With many companies out there supporting 20,000-50,000 plus employees around the world they truly are keeping economies and families alive; and the products or services they offer and helping to keep innovation alive. The series Singapore Sessions, sponsored by Bloomberg, helps to take two different C-suite executives from different industries and put them together to discuss where they think technology and the world is headed, and more importantly come up with solutions for tomorrow.

Here at Happy Healthy Hub we like to focus on not only how to live a great life today, but how to ensure that there is a happy tomorrow so we thought delivering and promoting this show was of great value. If we can come together to support series such as this then they can continue to grow and be seen by more people. For example one clip is called, Talent and Innovation in Southeast Asia, and discussed the topics related to the title… talent and innovation in Southeast Asia, but more importantly it helps forge ideas and generate awareness about some of the problems that the region faces and promotes that to unknowing parties so they can learn too.  By the way you can watch the clip here:

The episodes are well produced and aren’t just two guys sitting in front of a camera. Shots of what they are discussing are shown throughout the video along with different angles and close-ups of them as they speak. Different areas are chosen for episodes whether that be at a table with food or more corporate settings which help keep it fresh and interesting for the viewer.

We recommend that you check out the show by visiting the following link:

Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter to catch up on the latest episodes:

Watch the video below with some more information on it!



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