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Americans spend more time at work than people in any other country. We work longer hours, are allowed less vacation time, and are often underpaid for our efforts. We are a society of workaholics, and too often, our families suffer as a result. What if we were really happy at work? Would it make a difference in our lives at home? Would it make us healthier, happier people overall?

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Feelings of Satisfaction Matter
It is important to feel satisfied with the work we do professionally and personally. If we go to work each day and perform a job we don’t really enjoy, or perhaps one that we don’t really feel matters to anyone, it is hard to stay happy and motivated. Maybe we come home from a boring or bad day at work and take it out on our family members. That isn’t good for anyone involved. People need to feel needed and vital to the jobs that they do. If they are satisfied professionally, they are more likely to be better moms, dads and partners at home.

Recognition and Appreciation Matter, Too
When we give someone a gift or do something nice or helpful without being asked, we feel good about ourselves and so does the recipient of our efforts. The same goes for our professional life. If we do not feel appreciated for the job we do; for going the extra mile; for staying late when everyone else has gone home; it is easy to become frustrated. When we start feeling underappreciated at work, again, we might take out our frustrations at home.

Companies that Foster On-the-Job Happiness
If you are fortunate enough to work for a company that fosters a happy, productive environment, then you are probably much happier than the average nine-to-fiver. Working for a company that believes in letting employees be part of the creative process, or one that believes in a fun and innovative corporate culture – think, aesthetically pleasing office environment, team-building exercises, fun activities at work and socially – then you will most likely be happier going to work each day. You may even come home from work in a happy mood, and share all that positive energy with your family.

One company that is a prime example of work culture benefiting employees is Kids II. Kids II jobs offer a chance to be creative, innovative and even entrepreneurial. They embrace everyone’s individual strengths and in turn employees enjoy going into work.

If you are feeling less than wonderful about your job, maybe it is time for a change for the better. Never underestimate the effect that your positive mood has on those you love, and if it begins in the workplace, since you spend more than 50 percent of your day there, take steps toward a more positive professional path.

As a writer who is very happy with her work, Melanie Fleury knows the difference it can make on her home life. A search for Kids II jobs will give you an example of what a great job environment can look like.

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