Feeling Better – Healthy Eating Can Make All the Difference


Eating better can have such big impacts upon your health. Whether you add in more fruits and vegetables, or simply increase your water intake, you will find that eating better can help you to look and feel better. There are some very simply ways that you can make eating better become a part of your new, healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating can have significant impacts upon your life, from your lifespan to your energy level and more. What are some easy ways to make eating better an essential part of your life?

Eat a Fruit and Vegetable With Each Meal

When you eat, you want to include a fruit and vegetable. One serving with each meal or snack can help you to get your daily recommended vitamins and minerals into your body to help it to work more efficiently. Eat your fruits and vegetables as naturally as possible to ensure that you will get the maximum benefit from these foods. Just this one small change can make a difference in how full you feel and how well that you feel.

Eat Lean Proteins

Eat proteins that are lower in fat to be sure that you give your body the protein that it needs. Whether you eat salmon, chicken, or lean beef, you want to be sure that your proteins are lean and that they are healthy. Beans are another great protein source that can be added to most any meal to ensure that you have the energy to live your life in a fulfilling way. Lean proteins can make the difference in your life now and in the future.

Eat Less Sugar

Most everyone needs to decrease the amount of sugar that they take into their body. By drinking fewer soft drinks, desserts, and processed foods, you will be able to lower your sugar intake. This can have big impacts on your body, from a lowered blood sugar level to weight loss and more. Decreasing the amount of sugar that you put into your body is essential to getting healthier. This is the difficult part for me, but I can tell a big difference when I eat less sugar.

Eat More Whole Grains

Whole grains have many different body process benefits. From helping your digestion to being lower in fat and calories to keeping you full longer, whole grains are something that you want to be sure that you include in your healthy eating plan. There are many ways to add these into your diet, including adding whole grain breads, oatmeal, cereal, brown rice, and whole wheat noodles. Include a few in each day to allow your body to get the maximum impact.

Eat Mindfully

Even Benjamin Franklin understood the importance of eating mindfully. “Beware the hobby that eats.” If your only hobby is eating, you want to find another hobby. Food should be thought of as fuel to keep your body running efficiently, rather than as an entertainment device. Sit at the table to eat, and enjoy the taste of food. You may find that those high fat foods lose their appeal, simply because they do not taste very good. I found that this is the case, as my tastes for high sugar and high fat foods changes.

Don’t Forget to Exercise

Eating better is important, but combining it with exercise can make all the difference. Exercise equipment like elliptical machines can be a great way for you to get your activity in for the day, and they burn a lot of calories. By reading Sole elliptical reviews and doing your research, you will be able to find the right equipment for your needs and your home.

If your goal is to have energy and live as long as possible, you want to consider the impact that healthy eating can have on that goal. Once you see the effects, you are sure to want to include more healthy foods into your day and take the unhealthy foods out of your diet as much as possible. While making the first changes can seem easy, it takes dedication to continue. That is when you will begin to see the huge results that you want now and in the future.

Janis Rodgers is a freelance writer and mother to three who continually tries to find ways to eat healthier. She has found that by making these small changes, she sees big differences. In addition, she advocates the use of home exercise equipment, including elliptical trainers. She recommends reading the reviews at www.allellipticals.com to learn more.


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