Bee Pollen Benefits Has the Health Industry Buzzing


The bee goes from flower to flower gathering pollen that is taken to their hive where it is harvested. Bee pollen consists of varying amounts of vitamins, minerals, lipids and proteins. It helps gives us extra energy, has a multitude of health benefits, and is especially rich in most of the B vitamins.

Weight Loss
Bee pollen has been known to help with weight loss and management. Bee pollen contains a high level of lecithin, which is known for helping to speed up the metabolism and flush fat cells. Lecithin will also help you control food cravings.

Lowers Cholesterol
Taking bee pollen supplements on a daily basis will help lower your levels of triglycerides and cholesterol bringing the numbers within a normal, healthy range. The good cholesterol increases while the bad cholesterol is reduced. This will reduce your risk of a having stroke or heart attack.

Endurance and Energy
Many athletes take bee pollen supplements to help them build endurance and increase their energy when training. Bee pollen helps to build endurance by replenishing nutrients the body loses on a daily basis.

Fights Allergies
Pollen has been known to help in building a resistant and immunity to allergies. If you have severe allergy symptoms like headaches and clogged sinuses, taking bee pollen regularly will help to reduce and relieve your symptoms.

Lowers Stress Levels
Taking any form of bee pollen regularly will help you cope better and lower your stress level. Pollen has fatty acids, amino acids and crucial vitamins needed to help regulate your mood. Keeping your stress at a healthy level will benefit all areas of your life.

Improves Immune System Function
Bee pollen contains a multitude of various vitamins and other nutrients that are necessary for having a healthy functioning immune system. The nutrients found in bee pollen will aid in the strengthening of your immune system and keep it functioning properly when taken on a regular basis.

Bone Health
Bee pollen is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, phosphorus and lysine, which helps absorb calcium. The combination of all these nutrients found in bee pollen will help aid in the healing of fractures and prevention of osteoporosis.

Brain and Mood Health
Bee pollen contains a high level of amino acids, which is known to help with concentration and memory. Taking bee pollen on a regular basis will give you a feeling of well being, while helping to diminish negative thoughts and emotions. When bee pollen is taken consistently, you will gradually feel your anxieties and negative feelings changing for the positive.

Anyone with more interest in bee pollen can check out Wescobee’s terrific guide on what they call nature’s almost perfect food. Have a read of it today!

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