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Top Models and the World of being Skinny



The dream of many young girls is to become a top super model in the fashion world. Girls look up to famous models like Miranda Kerr, Gisele Bundchen, Lizzette Kattan, and Kate Moss, hoping to be like them one day. Sadly, the world of modeling is extremely cutthroat, and hardly any girls that try make it big. In fact, less than 1 percent of all model hopefuls make it into a full-time career.

The process that each girl goes through to obtain the dream is long and difficult. In addition to cutting back on calories to maintain a tiny frame, girls must also give up nearly every aspect of their current lives to obtain the sought-after dream. Sadly, this ends in heartbreak for many girls.

The process of becoming a model looks similar for many model hopefuls. Some make it, and some do not, but every girl must start at the bottom.

Finding a legitimate talent agency

Many model hopefuls have a difficult time finding a legitimate talent agency that will represent them and present them to clients. Many “talent” agencies claim to help models, but are really only there to make money off of the poor girls. The first step for any model is to find an agency that truly has the client’s best interest at heart and tries to obtain paying jobs for clients.

Leaving current pursuits

Once a model starts getting jobs, she must dedicate her entire life to modeling. Since appearance is so important in the modeling industry, girls must have the right diet, exercise frequently, and change any cosmetic problems with their bodies to retain paying jobs. All of this preparation takes work, and models have to abandon regular interests, hobbies, and sometimes even education to reach the coveted top model spot. Lizzette Kattan left her education in New York to become a fashion model.

Moving for the job

Large cities, such as LA and New York have more opportunities for models than smaller towns. Models who are serious about joining the business often must move to one of these locations to make it big. Many model hopefuls move to LA or New York in search of work but still find that obtaining jobs is difficult. Models must be prepared to leave their friends, families, and lives behind to pursue this difficult career.

Waiting to make it

Models spend a large portion of time waiting to make it big. Most of the day is taken up with visiting auditions and applying for modeling jobs, which doesn’t leave much time for a regular job. Many models have to work at night jobs, such as waitressing, hostessing, or other temporary jobs while they wait to make it. Many model hopefuls spend years working at a low-paying job in hopes of making it big, but never see their dreams come true.

Dealing with rejection

A large part of the modeling industry is rejection. Clients want a specific type of model for certain jobs, and if a model does not fit that mold, then she will not get the job. Models must face rejection repeatedly until they finally find the right job match for their looks and personality. Many girls will hear they are too large or too short to become a successful model. This can have a devastating affect on a girl’s self esteem. Not every model hopeful can stand up to the high amount of rejection in the business.

Hitting it big

Less than 1 percent of model hopefuls make it as a top model in the industry. There is a reason that only a handful of models are household names. Becoming a top model is part luck, part skill, and part being in the right place at the right time. Sadly, for many girls, the dreaming of being a super model will never be a reality. But for those who do succeed, the rewards are far greater than most people ever imagine.

Steffi Fitter does freelance blogging on topics such as fashion, modeling, and fitness.  In the past she has worked as a modeling agent, in top end fashion stores, and has teamed with Lizzette Kattan to do consulting for designer footwear companies.  Steffi resides in Orlando, Florida where she enjoys playing tennis and running.

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