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Living Healthy

October, 2013

  • 23 October

    Finding Happiness and Balance After Trauma

    If you have been involved in a traumatic accident, chances are your life is no longer as it once was, but rather a different version of it. Your daily routine may be different, your lifestyle may involve physical therapies, and you may no longer be able to perform the job …

  • 1 October

    How to Live Life Positively after a Life-Changing Car Accident

    Life-changing injuries often happen when we least expect it, especially when we are going about our daily lives. We drive our kids to school, drive ourselves to the office, and take the same route day after day, never even considering the possibility that it all might drastically change one day. …

September, 2013

  • 30 September

    Revisit your Transit Options: Reasons to Hit the Streets on Foot or Bike this Fall

    While most people continue to be heavily reliant on their cars, you may have every reason to choose another form of travel when you need to get to and from work or carry out errands on any given day. Taking another form of transportation, or even walking, can provide you …

  • 14 September

    Enhance Your Life with Feng Shui

    The art of Feng Shui is a culturally neutral approach to creating positive energy in every room of your home. It all starts at the front door, and every little change you make can affect your life in a big way. Practicing the techniques of Western Feng Shui in your …

  • 13 September

    Christmas Splurge: How Not to Gain Weight During the Holidays

    Each holiday season, we tell ourselves that we won’t overdo it. We won’t eat too many cookies at office parties; we won’t overindulge while celebrating with friends; we will still fit into our skinny jeans after January 1st. But, as the festivities commence, we succumb to our weaknesses – whatever …

  • 10 September

    Staying Healthy in the Heat

    Although most people enjoy spending time in the sun, it is important to have a firm understanding of your body’s limitations. After all, there is difference between having fun outside and pushing your body to the point of heat exhaustion, and you also need to respect the fact that too …

  • 5 September

    Outings with Your Baby: Can We Avoid the Germs, Please?

    Taking your infant shopping or on a day adventure may seem like a challenging undertaking when you try to remember everything that they’ll need for the day. However, the right baby gear can make for a pleasant excursion for both you and your infant, so you want to take note …

  • 3 September

    Health Issues Connected to Strife in Marriages

    There is a lot of evidence that links being in a happy relationship to an increase in each individual’s overall physical and mental health. However, these positive benefits can be counteracted by staying in a relationship that is filled with strife. For example, if you are happily married, the odds …

July, 2013

  • 25 July

    Social Security Disability: Understanding Your Rights As a Disabled Person

    As an American citizen, you have Social Security rights, and no one can or should tell you any differently. In fact, Social Security is the biggest of many federal programs offering help and assistance to persons who suffer from disabilities. Of course, in order to qualify for benefits under this …

  • 23 July

    The Scoop on Sleeping Aids

    The focus of this article is primarily on over-the-counter sleep aids. It is common knowledge that labels can be misleading, this is true for all labeling including over-the-counter medications like sleep aids. I worked in a pharmacy for over a year and my patients seemed to be constantly unaware of the …