Water Sports That Are Fun and Great Workouts

Playing various sports is one of the best fitness strategies since the link between sports and exercise shows many benefits. When it’s nice out, you want to get outside, so what better way to exercise than by playing water sports?

Our guide breaks down some of our favorite water sports that are a lot of fun and great workouts!


Swimming is the simplest but most effective water sport that works out your body to its limit. Swimmers are some of the best athletes in the world because swimming targets practically every muscle in your body while also being an intense cardio exercise.

When it comes to burning calories, few sports—or exercises for that matter—can compare to a few laps in the pool! Make it fun by timing yourself and working on different swimming strokes, like:

  • Front crawl (freestyle)
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly


The watersport that has taken off the most in popularity in the past few years is paddleboarding. Not long ago, no one had heard of paddleboarding, and now, more people own a paddleboard or have done it than ever before!

Paddleboarding is an excellent water sport that’s fun and a great workout because it targets your core, upper body, lower body, and balance. Plus, almost anyone can do it regardless of age or fitness ability—although it may take a couple of tries to stay upright!


Are you looking to try a water sport that’s unique and thrilling? You can’t go wrong with windsurfing! Windsurfing combines surfing and sailing for an exciting sport that gives riders a full-body workout while flying over waves at high speeds!

There are plenty of reasons why everyone should try windsurfing at least once. It may seem like an intense and challenging sport, but most can pick it up quickly, and you’ll immediately have a blast!


Have you noticed that practically every fitness center or gym nowadays has one of those stationary rowing machines? There’s a good reason—it’s a fantastic full-body workout!

Rowing targets your arms, legs, back, chest, and abs while exercising your cardio. Instead of sitting in a gym for hours on a machine, get outside and try the real thing! Many areas have places where you can rent a boat or clubs with members who’ll teach you how to row.


If you prefer a more leisurely pace, consider switching from rowing to kayaking! It’s one of the most popular water sports in the country, and there are numerous places to rent a kayak for a float on the ocean or down a relaxing river. Plus, it’s an amazing way to explore many lakes and rivers in your area!


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