4 Uses of Raw Honey for Medicinal Purposes

The use of honey has increased throughout the past few centuries and has become an essential part of our diets. We use honey primarily for cooking, but we also use it as a home remedy for helping different ailments. Honey has various aspects that improve feelings of sickness and help minor wounds so you can feel better.

Contains Antioxidants

Honey is one of the few foods we know that doesn’t spoil or age, and it carries this property into other organisms. Multiple chemicals in honey act as antioxidants and help preserve cells in the body to help fight diseases such as cancer. A diet filled with antioxidants is especially beneficial for older or aging adults.

The vitality of these cells makes aging easier because they give people more strength in their old age. A spoonful of raw honey will act as a sweet-tasting boost to your cells’ lifespans.

Helps the Digestive Tract

Numerous things can cause an upset stomach or indigestion. One of the medicinal effects of raw honey is the assistance it will give to your digestion system.

We all have stomach bacteria that help break down food, but if we introduce harmful bacteria, we may encounter ailments like diarrhea or an upset stomach. Honey is a known antibacterial and will help nourish the good bacteria in the stomach while disposing of the bad bacteria. Eating raw honey with an upset stomach will help you feel better.

Alleviates Anxiety

Anxiety releases hormones that cause you to go into fight or flight mode. Certain chemicals such as cortisol are removed from the adrenal glands and may cause inflammation when the body feels it is under threat. Raw honey will act as an anti-inflammatory to help the body relax so people can calm down. Eating a diet rich in honey will prepare your body for stressful moments and help you manage anxiety.

Heals Wounds

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of honey help wounds heal faster. This is one of the best medicinal purposes of raw honey. Coating an open wound with honey will clean the wound and prevent it from getting infected. Meanwhile, the anti-inflammatory aspects will prevent the wound from swelling up.

Numerous properties of raw honey will help you in times of injury or illness. The next time you need assistance with a minor ailment, look to the uses of raw honey to aid you.

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