Top Secrets for Weight Loss: Secretes Revealed To a Healthier Living

Weight loss should not only be considered a means of improving the aesthetic appearance of a person, but also a means of having a healthy life. Those who are overweight and obese have tenfold higher risk of developing lifestyle related illnesses such as hypertension, heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and degenerative joint diseases. In fact, women who have more than 30 inches waistline and men who have more than 32 inches wait line have higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes mellitus.  In this regard, weight loss is very important for people who weigh more pounds than they should actually do.

How to lose weight is a common question of overweight individuals who literally spent their time trying to lose weight. Some consider their genes, work and stress as the cause of being overweight, but the truth is, being overweight lies on the lifestyle of the person. Excessive and improper food intake as well as lack of exercise is the most common causes of being overweight. Reduce that extra weight in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle and live longer. Here are some of the weight loss strategies that anybody can do:

Weight loss diet

Since food is one of the common factors for being obese, a proper diet should be employed. Start with eliminating simple carbohydrates in the diet such as white rice, white bread, pastries, cakes and the like. Instead, substitute them with low glycemic index carbohydrates such as whole wheat, grains, brown rice, whole wheat pasta and others. Low glycemic index foods are longer to be converted to glucose and they make you feel full fast. Next, is to substitute red meat with white meats. Red meats contain more fats that increase the risk for hypertension and heart diseases. White, lean meats are high in protein that helps convert those fats to muscles in the body. Also, increase fruits and vegetables in the diet and substitute some of the food components for fruits to make you full without that unwanted calories from rice and other desserts.

Adequate exercise

Exercise burns fats and calories that are stored in the body, which add to the weight. Perform aerobics, sports, mountain climbing, cycling and other forms of exercises to burn extra calories in the body. Exercise also allows the fats in the body to be converted to muscles thereby, making you leaner and appear more slender. When you lose 5 pounds in a week, there is less tension in the body preventing musculoskeletal disorders such as torn ligament.

Liberal fluids

Include water as part of your meals because it makes you full even without finishing your food. It then lessens the amount of food you ingest. Substitute sodas, chocolate drinks, whole milk shakes and other beverages with plain water. It does not contain any sugar and calories that can add to your weight.

Losing weight is one of those interventions that you can do to make yourself healthy. Lose weight and prolong your life.

Dr. Amarendra, the author is from India. He is contributor for limited company which is a online company registration website.


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