How To Motivate Yourself to Work Out Every Day

As you build a healthy routine to follow every day, make movement an essential part of it. But how do you keep it going every day? Some days, you may lie in bed and think, “I’m not feeling it today.” Start to feel it today and every day with extra incentives and old-fashioned positive thinking. Here’s how to motivate yourself to work out every day; reward yourself when you stick to it.

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Set Aside Time

Choose a time of day that is most convenient for you to work out, and stick to that time every single day. It can be 5:30 in the morning or 2:45 in the afternoon—whatever time works best for your schedule. Once your mind and body get used to working out at a specific time of day, your exercise will blend seamlessly into the rest of your routine.

Boost Your Confidence

Whether you repeat affirmations to yourself in the mirror or take workout selfies to chart your progress, do something with your workouts that makes you smile. If you’re bored with your plain black yoga pants, a new workout ensemble can freshen your whole outlook. When you rock fun athletic wear in animal prints or neon colors, you’ll have more fun working out!

Be Kind to Yourself

Let’s face it: you probably won’t want to work out every day. And that’s okay. If you pressure yourself to do strenuous exercise every day, you’ll burn out. You don’t have to run a mile every day just because your friend does. Everyone’s fitness goals are different, but an everyday routine is key to achieving them. If you wake up one day with no motivation for a full workout, that’s okay. Use your designated exercise time to do a few stretches or take a quick walk around the block.

Don’t Give Up

You may have heard this phrase a million times, but remember never to give up or lose hope. A missed day or two is no reason to abandon your routine! Nobody is perfect; we all make missteps along the way. Remember to forgive yourself for those missteps and return to your routine without guilt.

Challenge yourself to exercise every day, even if it’s just a little jog or yoga flow. When you build a routine and stick to it, you’ll more readily achieve your fitness goals! Learn how to motivate yourself to work out every day and put these tips into practice as you move your body.


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